Occupy Denver

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Over this weekend, the local police clashed with the protesters taking part in the Occupy Movement here in Denver. At least 20 were arrested in a stand off that erupted into a clash that made the headlines of national news this morning. A few protesters were injured by rubber bullets and pepper spray. The 99% movement has brought forth the constitutional right to peaceful assembly versus the operation and ownership of private or public property.

However you feel either way, I think these people have a right to protest peacefully and assemble on public space. We wanted to extend our support toward the movement. We ourselves have been laid off from downsizing employers and are home owners, parents and debt slaves like many of the rest of us have become in this country.

It is an interesting time here in the U.S. at the moment, and will no doubt be a time that our children will look back upon. We just hope that no one else is injured and the message the protesters are trying to communicate is received and in time genuine change will be initiated. It’s taken nearly 10 years of war, lies, bail-outs and deceit from both sides of the aisle here in America for citizens to finally take to the streets. It does not seem like this protest will be ending any time soon. We extend our support and wishes for a continued peaceful protest that helps bring about the kind of reform the 99% in this country deserves.

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