Tronic: Relaunch

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Design and creative think tank, Tronic has relaunched their website with several new projects.

Here is what they have to say of themselves:
“Tronic was founded by Jesse Seppi and Vivian Rosenthal, graduates of Columbia University’s School of Architecture. Our work moves between – and marks a convergence of – animation, architecture, and experiential and interactive design. Our goal is to explore the overlapping conditions of these fields through creativity and technology.”

I wondered about the background in architecture because to be absolutely frank, I was totally blown away by their installation designs. Every project is breathtaking in it’s result. But then again, that is only one subsection of a truly amazing body of work. Tronic is so much more than the regular design or ad firm. I can only imagine how far they will go in the future and how hard they will push the future.

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Think Tank – NGAC

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I will be in Sunderland, England (north country) for an exhibition at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art this Friday. The show is part of North East England’s annual design festival. I am really excited to be a part of the show this year and just had to be there in person. If you are in or around Newcastle or Manchester, hop on a train or bus and try to make it out to say hello. I will be flying into Newcastle this Friday at 5pm and hauling ass to make it to the gallery around 6:30 or 7. I hope to see and meet you there.

More about the show:
Britain’s leading think tanks collaborate with leading designers to imagine how we might create a better nation.

‘Think Tank’ is part of the Design Event 09 (DE09), the North East’s annual design festival, www.design-event.co.uk.

The preview evening is part of the DE09 Sunderland Launch Night. A bus will be available to take people to the different venues. To book a place on on the bus or find out more visit  www.design-event.co.uk.

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