Unbearable Lightness

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“Unbearable Lightness is an amazing art installation from Dutch designer Tomáš Gabzdil which features 40,000 bees and a honeycomb sculpture of a martyred Jesus Christ.

Industrious bees created a honeycomb skin over the laser sintered framework, before filling each cell with honey they produce. Next, the bees worked hard to remove the honey from the cells only to return it to their own beehive, cleaning the figure and restoring the wax cells to their original state. Gabzdil made the honeycomb a red-orange color to symbolize the cross.”

I was kind of speechless by this art installation that I think is appearing at Art Basel. You can read more about it at My Modern Met. It’s a stunning work combining so many different elements like religion, spirituality, nature and technology making it an extremely emotional piece of art.

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