Volumeone: Updates

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It has been a very long while since I last dropped in on Matt Owens’ fantastic work at Volumeone. There is a lot more going on since the last time I checked up and their is a much wider and even more amazing body of work there than the last time I visited. Owens has been at if for a while now and that experience shows in the work.

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Volumeone Updates

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Volumeone has been around awhile now. It was founded in 1997 by Matt Owens. Matt is also a member of the art and design collective, Athletics based out of NYC. He has just updated the site with more of his original and always inspirational work. It leans a little to the hip side but his work is almost like a good indyrock tune, you can’t fight the urge to tap your feet and try to hang with the cool kids. Be sure to check out his Seasons project as well. It is updated several times a year to help keep the creative fires burning and there is always some interesting eye candy there to chew on. The image above made me finally decide that I am going to hire an intern, force him or her to wear tight jeans and hold all of my print work in front of the camera for me to photograph. They won’t do anything else, only that single job to ensure my work always looks totally rad.

Thanks to The Denver Egotist for the find.

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