We Are The Friction

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We Are The Friction is a book of illustration and short fiction created by 12 pairs of international writers and illustrators. It’s the second book edited, designed and published by Sing Statistics, the collaborative concern of Jez Burrows and Lizzy Stewart.

The book paired writers with illustrators, both established and emerging in their disciplines. Each then produced new work inspired by the work of their partner: stories from illustrations, and illustrations from stories. The result is an erratic, eclectic collection of work that takes in space travel, Japanese deities, monster husbandry, and the Marx Brothers.”

More projects like this please. It utilizes an international cast of really talented people, all working in hand to both inspire eachother and the reader with some genuinely considered and original creativity. What a simple and great idea. And it’s available at a reasonable price to boot.


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Chip Kidd

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I happened upon the blog/writings/work of the famous designer Chip Kidd.

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Graham Rawle

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Graham Rawle is a writer and collage artist whose visual work incorporates illustration, design, photography and installation. His weekly ‘Lost Consonants’ first appeared in the Weekend Guardian in 1990 and ran for 15 years. He has produced other regular series which include ‘Lying Doggo’ and ‘Graham Rawle’s Wonder Quiz’ for the Observer and ‘When Words Collide’ and ‘Pardon Mrs Arden’ for The Sunday Telegraph Magazine.

Among published books are the Wonder Book of Fun, Lying Doggo, and Diary of an Amateur Photographer. His critically acclaimed, Woman’s World, a novel created entirely from fragments of found text, is being made into a feature film. He has recently completed an illustrated book of The Wizard of Oz creating and photographing sets and characters as 1:6 scale and 3-D models, to be published in October 2008.

Graham Rawle has lectured and exhibited internationally and teaches on the MA Sequential Design and Illustration course at the University of Brighton. He lives in London.”

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