I just wanted to thank each and every one of you out there that has been linking back to the site. The traffic has quadrupled since I started the blog in January. I have had people coming from various community blogs at Barack Obama’s website because of the posters I did for his campaign. Texans for Obama were also very supportive. People have really responded to the creative I have generated to support his campaign and that is really exiting. I did that work out of a sincere desire to show my support for Obama. An amazing website called Stumble Upon has been almost single-handedly responsible for a gigantic amount of traffic. One of my favorite design blogs of all time, Computerlove was also kind enough to grant me a link. The Denver Egotist has also been very supportive of my endeavors. Joyengine has had my back from day one as well and I can’t thank all the guys over there enough for all of their support. Because We Like To has also been very supportive and was another nice little local Denver, now Minneapolis blog run by two good friends who are also amazingly talented designers. Josh Spear has really helped me out as well and offered me some key advice that helped me make the final decision to get the current version of the site online. Design You Trust was also kind enough to post a link. I also have had a couple images floating around FFFFound lately which was exiting since I check that site religiously. Thank you as well to all of the other smaller blogs that have linked my site as well, there are too many to list and if I tried I wouldn’t want to forget any. So in the interest of diplomacy, I just want to thank all of you who have your own blog and have still found enough inspiration here to link back to. Thank you sincerely. I mean it. This is a community and it wouldn’t exist without you.

Lastly I really want to thank Aaron and Matt who have been kind enough to start posting to the site. They are both incredibly talented designers and I can’t believe they are blogging on my website. Thank you so much guys. If you haven’t seen there work, you can read their bios now in the about section. Be sure to check out their individual websites because they are both incredibly talented designers.

Thank you in advance to my future bloggers as well. I have had a good response to the call for bloggers and am considering it closed for now. I will be selectively inviting more bloggers in the near future, so more will be added, but I think we have enough to get off the ground now.
Running a website like this, and I have had this site online for close to 6 years now, is a difficult thing. I haven’t exactly profited from it, but I have committed to it out of my sincere love of all things design and the desire to share that love with others. The global design community just keeps growing and blogs are a fascinating aspect of that social phenomenon. There is just so much out there to be inspired by that there really is something design-related for practically everyone now. You can really see design infiltrating mainstream culture right now on many levels and that is really exiting. Lets just hope we can all come together and find a way to use it to make a change for the better.

Thanks again for all of your support and keep checking the site because this is only the end of the beginning.

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