Always good, Good Magazine has a synopsis on the decade in design that started the new millenium. It was a wild ride for most of us and marked the first decade for me personally as a professional graphic designer/illustrator/web designer/actionscript writer/exhibiting artist/editor/copywriter/art director/blogger/creative entrepreneur. Just from my own personal list of exploits, which I narrowed down for the sake of sanity, you can get an idea that the last decade was one in which we all had to adapt and move quickly as dotcoms crashed, bubbles burst and economies went bust. I think we are all hoping for better things in the next decade, and I think they will come but making them happen will require an active hand from all of us. That much we can all be sure of. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, you can read down the quick list of what happened in what is now the past at Good Magazine.

& a happy twenty ten to you all. I wish you all the very best in this new year and hope it proves to be a great one for all of us together.

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