Quoted directly from the ‘ethos’ section of the Decoder website:

The Decoder Ring Design Concern is a multidisciplinary design partnership founded in 2004 with roots in music and retail identity, design and promotion. Founded on a boldly simple mission statement, “Do work we love for clients we admire,” Decoder has grown in a relatively short time to become a celebrated and respected force in the creative industry. Their bold, brash and often unconventional design solutions have been featured in publications, music venues and galleries worldwide.

Partners Christian Helms, Geoff Peveto, Paul Fucik and Derrit DeRouen are quick to add that their work is much more than visual ephemera. Their true talents lie in strategy and conceptual problem-solving — the list of those who have benefited from their work includes Leo Burnett Worldwide, Levis Jeans, Toyota Yaris, MTV, Sony BMG’s Epic Records, Capitol Records, South By Southwest, Modest Mouse, Dave Matthews Band, Erykah Badu and Wilco.

Large or small, each project Decoder undertakes reflects what they love about design: collaboration with companies, groups or individuals who have something important to say and deserve to be heard.

They are based out of Austin, Texas and they have enough great work on their site that you could spend a good hour there filling your creative basin with pure inspiration. I would rank them right up there with the likes of Aesthetic Apparatus.

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