Jay Shaw calls himself ‘Iron Jaiden’ and has gathered quite a following on hardcore print and poster websites like Expresso Beans and OMG Posters (I know because I am one of the nerds who constantly frequents those websites and collects posters). You can see his excellent work at Kingdom of Nonsense. I was totally excited to recently discover that Jay is actually a resident of Denver, Colorado and his studio is just downtown. That excitement was compounded when I also discovered that he is hosting a silkscreen poster exhibition tomorrow night as a tribute to the amazing writer/director Sydney Lumet. The show was expertly curated by Jay himself and features some fantastic posters by artists like Kevin Ang and James Rheem Davis. You can see most of the posters in the show here at OMG posters. This is going to be a great event and it’s a little something new for the art scene here in Denver. So don’t miss out tomorrow night. I am planning on being there myself.

Here are the details:
Laundry on Lawrence
2701 Lawrence
Denver, Co

Doors open at 7. Be there or be square or at least miss out on that poster you are coveting.

Leftover posters will be sold at Jay’s online storefront the following day.

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