I have always admired the work of Tiffany Bozic. She is just an enormously talented artist and her paintings extend beyond the low brow scene by having a real mass appeal. Her dream-like images often take parts from nature combining them into surreal landscapes. All her work is stunningly detailed and invokes deep feelings and memories in the viewer.As a person she is incredibly humble and sweet. She has a show coming up the weekend of May 24 at the Kinsey/DesForges (formerly the Black Market) Gallery in Culver City (Los Angeles), California.

Here is a quote about the upcoming exhibit:
In this latest series, she applies her trademark stains of acrylic washes to the natural grain of maple panel to render resonant stories based on observations in her travels and research while an artist-in-residence at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, where she helped establish the residency program in 2007.

Tod Bell put together a short film highlighting Tiffany’s process and I have posted it above to give a little added insight into her work and personality. You can also see more of Tiffany’s work at her personal website. You can see work prior to her upcoming show there to get an idea of what she is capable of.

I really wish I could be in LA to see the show. I really want to see her work in person and I would very much like to meet her. If you are in the neighborhood I highly recommend going. I am sure it will not disappoint.

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