Victoria & Albert Museum‘s Decode exhibition is underway and will be on display until April 2010. The exhibition features the latest developments in interactive and digital design. The show includes large scale installation work down to smaller computer screens. The exhibition is an exposition upon three themes. Code as a raw material looks at how explores the organic nature of code and how it can be used to generate constantly changing objects. The second is interactivity, which encompasses projects that utilize viewer interaction to either engage or resolve the design. The final theme is the network. The works created under this theme examine digital bread crumbs leftover from by everyday online communication like blogs, social media to GPS data.

V&A commissioned Karsten Schmidt to design a digital identity for the Decode exhibition using open source code that you can download and recode. V&A may even use your recoded version as their new identity. You can read more details about how to become a part of the recoded identity here. The winners works will appear on screens in the London Underground to promote the event. You can see the current ident above.

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