It’s no secret that there has been a bit of a creative dry spell in Hollywood as of late. Honestly though, there isn’t really a dry spell at all. There are always great ideas for scripts floating around out there. The problem is, the film industry has begun cannibalizing itself by focusing on turning a profit as opposed to producing art. It’s all part of the bigger ‘art as commodity issue’ that seems to have trickled down to every aspect of what is happening to all fields under the creative umbrella.

One of the most reliable genres of films in turning a profit is the Comic Book Movie. After Tim Burton’s Batman, studios were clamoring to find the next big comic book idea to bring to screen.

Few of these releases have been based off of comics that the rabid fans deem classic. That is changing next year with the Warner Brothers release of the movie Watchmen based on the comic stylings of Alan Moore. The plot of the movie centers on a world inhabited by super heroes, set in 1985 on the brink of a nuclear war. The story opens on the mysterious murder of one of the Watchmen and the implications of why someone would do such a thing.

Regardless of how you feel about these kinds of movies, this one is a fan-boy’s dream come true. Director Zack Snyder was chosen for the project because his big screen adaptation of comic-book legend Frank Miller’s The 300. Gaging the excitement created by the 300 and the massive turnout on opening day, Warner Brothers is banking on a sure thing and hoping for their next big fix. Mouths are already frothing at the promotional images being released by the studio as the costumes appear to be fairly true to the depictions in the original comic book.

The movie is set to release in almost exactly a year. Keep your eyes peeled because I am sure it will be hitting the internet in a big way. You can read all about how things are progressing at the Official Watchmen Movie Blog written by none other than Director Zack Snyder himself.

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