Alright, I don’t like a lot of what I write on this site to come off like advertising, especially since I don’t even have any advertising or make any money off of this blog. So, with that said, I do in all sincerity want to mention the newest seasonal line of clothing from 55 DSL. I am a big Diesel nerd and have been rocking their wares for a long time now. Unfortunately I am kind of a poor artist type, and that stuff ain’t cheap so I usually have to figure out how to pick it up on sale. So, when I can, I do. What I like about 55 DSL is that it originally spawned from Diesel and has since become it’s own thing. However, that attention to detail, sentiment, attitude and personality that I love about Diesel remained intact and strong. Recently on a trip to NY, I was in the SoHo area and saw a lot of people wearing 55 DSL clothing. I love detail in clothing and detail in the construction of clothing and I was struck by how much of that I saw in 55 DSL clothing. The brand is a little young for me but there is stuff in there I can pull off. I really like their pants and jeans. They also have some really cool jackets.

The best part is, that 55 DSL usually costs less than Diesel’s clothing.

You can see their most recent collection at their website here.

Their flagship store is actually in SoHo, so if you are nearby, drop in and see what you think. If you really want to pick up some of their cooler gear, you almost have to go somewhere that sells their wares. You can find a list here.

Also, here are a couple places you can buy online: BNYConline, DrJays and Yoox is always a good bet.

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