Single Second

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There are some rock solid t-shirts up for sale (and at reasonable prices) from Single Second. I am curious how they manage avoiding any copyright issues but they are kick ass t-shirts regardless and probably worth grabbing up while they still last.

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Das Monk

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There are some very artistic and good-looking t-shirts in the Das Monk online store. They run about twice as much in price ($59.95) as an already overpriced t-shirt, so that might deter you a little. But they are still pretty cool, and I couldn’t resist mentioning them for the potentially more fashion-conscious and still tee wearing readers.

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Ugmonk Holiday Special

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Ugmonk got in touch to inform us that they have updated their already flawless cache of shirts with a new design that you can see above. The extra special part of their correspondence was that they would like to offer Changethethought readers an extra 15% off of their purchase until December 15th. Just enter the discount code CHANGETHETHOUGHT at checkout.

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Need Supply Co

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Can an online clothing store be expertly curated? The answer is yes and the solution is Need Supply Co. They are without a doubt one of the best curated online stores that I have stumbled on in a very long time. I would take one of just about everything they have in stock. Things are a little pricey but there are some downright cool clothes on hand. No they didn’t pay me or send me anything to write this, I just seriously like the items they have for sale. It’s as though each item has been individually considered before it was added to the store. I just wish I had the cash on hand to pick some of them up.

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Beautiful Decay Summer

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Beautiful Decay has released their summer line of apparel. There are some really nice examples of contemporary design and illustration meets the tee shirt canvas but my favorite ones by far are the super simple illustrations of designer Chris Gray. Classic.

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Beautiful Decay Apparel

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Beautiful Decay has informed me that that they have a new online home for their apparel where you can not only purchase limited edition t-shirts and gear from some of the most interesting artists/designers/illustrators out there but also read interviews and keep up on just exactly what BD is up to. Its a pretty extensive site for the subject matter making it unique in that department and there are some really unexpected items in their shop.

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55dsl Logo Remix

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55DSL emailed me about this a while back and I have been getting some emails from other readers about it as well. I thought I would post it since it might be a nice little way for someone talented out there to pocket a little cash for the holidays and get your work in front of some pretty savvy people:

With the imminence of 55DSL’s 15th anniversary in 2009, 55DSL is ready to celebrate the unique mix of attitude and aesthetics it has made all its own. To do so, 55DSL has turned to the input of design company Cut&Paste’s own culturally diverse, design-savvy, and urban-centric global audience through the 55DSL Logo Remix contest.

THE CHALLENGE: to revamp the iconic 55DSL Shield logo, spinning it into a visual remix that reflects 55DSL’s culture and spirit.

Contestant’s designs submitted to logoremix.55DSL.com will be evaluated by a distinguished panel of 8 international judges, ranging from acclaimed graffiti artist Emit to 55DSL’s very own creative director Andrea Ross, who will select the top 5 submissions. The Grand Prize winner will receive a receive 1,055 Euros award and see his/her logo design produced by 55DSL on a T-shirt for the 2010 Spring/Summer collection.

There will also be a People’s Choice Price for the contestant whose design receives the most votes via the online gallery who will win a special 55DSL goodie bag filled with items from 55DSL’s limited edition collections.

All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59pm PST on December 5, 2008 and online voting will remain open through December 12, 2008.

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Zuriik Shoes

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I honestly abandoned the entire sneaker craze about a year ago and never looked back. However, Zuriik Shoes brought about a change of heart with their clean, modern and just flat out attractive shoes. Design goes beyond the printed page and these shoes are a shining example of that. I gotta score me a pair of those black joints. Haute.

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Ugmonk Tees

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Ugmonk has a nice line of t-shirts featuring large simple type. It’s a line of clothing engineered to appease the appetite of a proper design and type nerd. I mean, what designer wouldn’t want a classic grey tee featuring a giant ampersand.

Guilty as charged. I will be ordering one.

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News Knitter

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News Knitter is a data visualization project which focuses on knitted garments as an alternative medium to visualize large scale data.

The production of knitted garments is a highly complex process which involves computer support at various steps starting with the designs of both the fabric and the shape of garments until they are ready-to-wear. In recent years, technical innovations in machine knitting have especially focused on the patterning facilities. The patterns are designed by individuals generally depending on the current trends of fashion and the intended target markets and multiplied through mass production. News Knitter translates this individual design process into a world-wide collaboration by utilizing live data streams as a base for pattern generation. Due to the dynamic nature of live data streams, the system generates patterns with unpredictable visuality.

News Knitter converts information gathered from the daily political news into clothing. Live news feed from the Internet that is broadcasted within 24 hours or a particular period is analyzed, filtered and converted into a unique visual pattern for a knitted sweater. The system consists of two different types of software: whereas one receives the content from live feeds the other converts it into visual patterns, and a fully computerized flat knitting machine produces the final output. Each product, sweater of News Knitter is an evidence/result of a specific day or period.”

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55 DSL

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Alright, I don’t like a lot of what I write on this site to come off like advertising, especially since I don’t even have any advertising or make any money off of this blog. So, with that said, I do in all sincerity want to mention the newest seasonal line of clothing from 55 DSL. I am a big Diesel nerd and have been rocking their wares for a long time now. Unfortunately I am kind of a poor artist type, and that stuff ain’t cheap so I usually have to figure out how to pick it up on sale. So, when I can, I do. What I like about 55 DSL is that it originally spawned from Diesel and has since become it’s own thing. However, that attention to detail, sentiment, attitude and personality that I love about Diesel remained intact and strong. Recently on a trip to NY, I was in the SoHo area and saw a lot of people wearing 55 DSL clothing. I love detail in clothing and detail in the construction of clothing and I was struck by how much of that I saw in 55 DSL clothing. The brand is a little young for me but there is stuff in there I can pull off. I really like their pants and jeans. They also have some really cool jackets.

The best part is, that 55 DSL usually costs less than Diesel’s clothing.

You can see their most recent collection at their website here.

Their flagship store is actually in SoHo, so if you are nearby, drop in and see what you think. If you really want to pick up some of their cooler gear, you almost have to go somewhere that sells their wares. You can find a list here.

Also, here are a couple places you can buy online: BNYConline, DrJays and Yoox is always a good bet.

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Ser-vice Update

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One of my favorite simple and contemporary t-shirt makers, Ser-vice has updated with some new designs. Always tasty, clean and timeless.

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Lacoste Future

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This has been appearing on a lot of other blogs lately but I have been reluctant to write about it because it seemed a little corny to me. It is expertly done however and is designed very well. So, who am I to withhold potentially inspiring content.

To mark their 75th anniversary the popular clothing brand Lacoste decided to take a glimpse into the future and how the changes in the game of tennis might affect their brand. They do so by showing you how their brand was started, where it has gone since and finally where it could go in the future. It’s an interesting exercise and a little self indulgent but it is also expertly designed website offering up video that downloads very quickly.

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Le Sucre

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Tasty t-shirts from Le Sucre.

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Built By Wendy

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I have realized lately I have pretty much all together stopped posting cool places to find well designed clothing. So, I am going to make an effort to do something clothing and fashion related posts more frequently. With that said, there are some pretty cool wares at NYC-based Built By Wendy. The exploding Mickey Mouse shirt is a must have.

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CLAE Shoes

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Clae is regarded as the pioneer of the ‘athleisure’ footwear movement. Clae launched in 2001 with its hybrid collection combining the comfort of a street-ready sneaker with classic footwear styling resulting in a new kind of casual. The brand was awarded the Sportswear International Fashion Award (SIFA) for ‘Best Men’s Footwear Collection’ in 2003. After a brief 3 year incubation, they have returned with some new cult classics and revamped models.

If you like to keep your clothing simple, timeless yet stylish, Clae is a strong contender in the shoe department. You can purchase their wares directly from their website.

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+41 = Haute Couture

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+41 Hubble Serie

There is some seriously sweet duds for grabs by the underground fashion brand +41 at their website. The problem is, they are asking for Euros not dollars and that doesn’t exactly make them cheap for those of us who have the misfortune of working in the Bush economy. If you feel like springing for and expensive t-shirt on the other hand, you could do a lot worse. Their new 42 Hubble Serie of tees are a particular standout, especially if you are a sucker for Hubble space telescope imagery like myself. If only I had thought to screen those images onto a t-shirt.

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