It has been a long time since I dropped in on Andy Rementer and it looks like he has stayed busy. I haven’t written of his exploits in a long while so I thought I would mention him and his work again. There is always something interesting to take in at his website. I really love his hand painted typographical work.

Here is his bio from his website:
“Andy Rementer grew up in southern New Jersey, USA, in a quiet town once free of Wal-Marts and strip-malls. In 2004 he received his bachelors degree in graphic design from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He recently spent two years working at Fabrica in northern Italy where he learned to appreciate the value of good food and not wearing sweatpants. Andy is a nine-to-five designer during the day, and an aspiring cartoonist on nights and weekends. He’s the author of a comic strip titled ‘Techno Tuesday’, which appears weekly online and in print. He currently resides in Philadelphia.”

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