FITC 2013 Titles

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“For FITC Amsterdam 2013, we created these titles based on the creative designed by mr Bradley G Munkowitz (aka GMUNK)
Since Bradley was already working on the creative for the print campaign of FITC Amsterdam 2013, and we loved his design work, we decided to step in and give FITC a complete and cohesive visual package instead of visually creating something completely new or different.

And so here it is.. our “Pyradical” main titles for FITC Amsterdam 2013. Pure disco!”

Produced for FITC Amsterdam 2013. More info at fitc.ca/amsterdam

Design & Concept: GMUNK (gmunk.com/)
Production & Direction : ONESIZE (onesize.com)
Type Font Design: Brian M Gosset (briangossett.com/)
Music & Sound Design: MassiveMusic (massivemusic.com/)

The soundtrack was composed and designed by our friends @ MassiveMusic Amsterdam

Man I want to go to this so bad this year. Hmm. How to talk my wife into letting me go to Barcelona.

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Gray Keys

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Visual: Carlo Vega – carlovegaart.com/
Audio: Chilly Gonzales – chillygonzales.com/
Special thanks to Tilman Zitzmann – geometrydaily.tumblr.com/

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Neil Beech

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There is some crazy fantastic type and illustration work combined in perfect harmony throughout the portfolio of designer/illustrator Neil Beech.

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Direction: KID CASH klub7.de
Edited: EDITUDE PICTURES editudepictures.de

Music: KNOWSUM – taken from his album “The most Awkward” (Sichtexot)
KNOWSUM Album: knowsum.bandcamp.com/album/the-most-awkward sichtexot.com/
Music mixed by: EFALIVE of the JAZOBURBS

Years of production 2010-1013 in Berlin, Hamburg, Halle-Saale and New York
Thanks 2: Philip Hiersemann, Graffiti Reserch Lab, Skulls & Crosspens and Facade Printer

KLUB7 Artcollective:

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Navy Signal Prints

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Navy Signal Code is a system of communication for use by maritime vessels. Each letter is printed on 310gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper, a finely textured off-white stock. These are Giclée (fine art digital inkjet) prints. Each letter is printed in an edition of 20, and each print is signed & editioned.”

This is a project by Hana Tanimura.

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Nicolas Girard: Updates

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Canadian Graphic Designer Nicolas Girard has some tasty stuff in his Behance-folio that’s been making it’s way round the little ole creative blogosphere as of late.

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Alex Fowkes

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There is some excellent new project work in the portfolio of young designer Alex Fowkes including a recent project for Sony that swept the creative blogosphere.

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Blind Salida

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French designer, illustrator and typographer Blind Salida has posted some new work to his website including some great examples of isometric 3d and illustrated typography.

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New Work From Seb Lester

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Seb Lester has released a short film about his work as an artist and designer. He has also released two new limited edition prints and some new originals. You can view and buy them at seblester.co.uk. Lastly, he’s also updated his site with new client work all of which is fantastic as always.

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Subterranean Homesick Blues

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Leandro Senna undertook a mass of work in order to create this amazing video showcasing a unique typographical layout for all of the phrases quoted in Bob Dylan’s unforgettable song ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’. He made an oath not to use the computer to generate the imagery (at least beyond the edit) which required penciling, inking and painting 66 different art cards.

Here are his words about the project:

“I´ve been thinking for a lot of time on doing a personal project where I could get out of the computer for a little bit, and have pleasure doing something handmade. Getting back to the basics.

Inspired by Bob Dylan´s Subterranean Homesick Blues video, where he flips cards with the lyrics as the song plays, I decided to recreate those cards with handmade type. I ended up doing all the lyrics, and not just some of the words, as Dylan did.

There are 66 cards done in one month during my spare time using only pencil, black tint pens and brushes. The challenge was not to use the computer, no retouching was allowed. Getting a letter wrong meant starting the page over.

I had a lot of fun doing this project, researching, practicing and getting deeper on typography.

There are some intentional misspellings and puns on the original song video, so I tried to keep that in a certain way.”

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Benjamin Escobar

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There’s some fun stuff in the portfolio of designer and illustrator Benjamin Escobar who works for the lifestyle brand The Hundreds. His sharp sense of humor is on full display.

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Metropolismoloch is the work of an Italian designer named Lorenzo. He has a thing for recreating movie titles in that throwback style that seems lost on a passed era of cinema. It’s a super fun concept and provides strong inspiration for typography.

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Alex Trochut

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Yes Alex Trochut is still out there cranking things out. He’s put some new work up on his site since I last checked in probably over a year ago now. He still has an amazing portfolio to check out and the quality remains high. Hopefully he’s still doing well in Barcelona. I know things have been rough economically in Spain this past year.

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Bonjour from Cuypi who is creating some fun, funny and highly accesible illustrations that often put the tongue in the cheek. He also has a flair for hand crafted typography that makes equal use of humor with a bit of a French flair.

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Jing Zhang

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There is some unusual and highly detailed illustrated typography in the portfolio of Jing Zhang. It’s expertly rendered and did I mention meticulously detailed? Oh yeah I did. Well it’s worth saying it again.

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Unit Editions: Herb Lubalin

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I am a devotee of Herb Lubalin and have lauded over his work most of my career. He was a rarity in graphic design as someone who was capable of bringing something ‘illustrative’ to his work and typography that was equally graphic. It was a perfect marriage of human touch and technical precision that still rivals anything being created in the world of graphic design today. His work was also somehow simultaneously 60’s but completely timeless in style.

Unit Editions is releasing a heavily researched and beautiful looking book that you can pre-order all about the life and work of the inspirational figure that was Herb Lubalin. It’s a must have for anyone in the field.

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Rutger Paulusse currently works as a designer and illustrator at Vault 49. As you would expect if you are familiar with the studio’s work, Paulusse displays some exceptional illustrated typography skills throughout his portfolio.

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Andrei D. Robu: Updates

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Our friend Andrei D. Robu has updated with several new projects lately including work produced for Brand Jordan, The Golden Globes and Bloomberg. Not too shabby at all. And of course he is still cranking out some excellent typographical work.

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