I received an email a long time back from photographer Gabriel Jones sharing his photographs taken for the cover of Arcade Fire’s recent album ‘The Suburbs‘. Why I never posted it, I honestly have no idea. My interest in the subject was renewed after purchasing the album the week before. last. I honestly cannot stop listening to it. It’s one of the best albums I have purchased all year and it works as an entire album which is a rare thing to find these days. The songs combine to tell a story, relay an emotion and there is an arc in the storytelling if you stick with the album. It’s their best album yet and I didn’t think they could outdo their first but ‘The Suburbs’ is fantastic in my opinion.

So with that in mind, you can check out Gabriel’s photography for the album and also the artwork produced for the album by Caroline Robert. And when you are done viewing the art that went into the album you should consider purchasing a copy as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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