Nick Frank

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I am enjoying the dramatic, modern and eerily contemplative structural photography of German Art Director/Photographer Nick Frank.

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Claire Martin

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Clarire Martin has captured grueling but enlightening photographs chronicling the life of addiction. It’s not easy to pick through but the imagery cuts deep into the human condition.

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Isaac Joel Torres

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Photographer Isaac Joel Torres has an eye for the drama that is the human persona and it’s captured beautifully in his portfolio.

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Michael Muller

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‘Gorgeous’ is a fair word to use when trying to describe some of the images captured through the lens of photographer Michael Muller. There is a richness of color, subject matter and composition that you don’t often encounter.

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Boris Loder: Urban Elements

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The photographic project titled ‘Urban Elements’ is Boris Loder’s attempt at isolating the objects and familiar architecture that constitutes our everyday urban environment.

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Antony Crook

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Antony Crook understands his camera and it serves as an extension of his inner being. There is a sense of wanderlust and a fascination for celebrity in his work but each image instills a quiet and contemplative mood that definitely inspires one to leave the comfort of your desk and see a bit more of the world.

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Tim Tadder

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Tim Tadder pushes the contrast and levels in his photographs to that bleeding edge where they become almost hyper-real and totally saturated. It’s a look that lends itself well to advertising and it looks like Los Angeles-based Tadder has had plenty of projects streaming in as a result.

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Alex Prager: Updates

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Every image tells a story in the portfolio of famed photographer Alex Prager and he’s added more images from recent studies and exhibitions.

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Akos Major

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There is some drop dead gorgeous landscape photography that will make you pause and ponder in the portfolio of Akos Major.

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Benoit Paille

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There are some beautiful images and stunning photographic installations in the portfolio or rather Flickrfolio of Benoit Paille.

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An artist known only as Rrrrrrrroll will leave you spinning with some gif art that works hard to put the art in the gif genre. And yes that was intended as a pun. I guess you could think of the work as ‘animated photography’.

If you know or find any more information about the artist please drop a line or two in the comment section.

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Andrew Dosunmu

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Well I was going to try and rewrite all of this but it’s rare an artist has such a well written and interesting biography so here it is in it’s entirety:

“Andrew Dosunmu is currently based between New York, and lagos, Nigeria. Raised and educated in Nigeria, Dosunmu began his career as a design assistant at the fashion house of Yves Saint Laurent. He has subsequently worked as a Creative Director and fashion photographer, whose images have appeared in a variety of international magazines. Besides a flourishing career in photography, Dosunmu is also active in film and television. His award-winning documentary Hot Irons (1999) won best documentary at FESPACO and Reel Award at Toronto. In South Africa, Dosunmu has directed episodes of the widely acclaimed television series “Yizo, Yizo” which dramatizes the policy debates around education in post apartheid South Africa through a frank presentation of the social crises and conflicts at a Johannesburg high school. Dosunmu has also served as creative director for album covers (for such artists as Erykah Badu and Public Enemy), and directed music videos, including his first for Isaac Hayes, and others for Angie Stone, Common, Wyclef Jean, Kelis, Aaron Neville, Maxwell, Tracy Chapman and Talib Kweli. Dosunmu has recently been selected to participate in the photography exhibition “Snap Judgments: New Positions in Contemporary Photography” at the International Center of Photography. In 2007, Dosunmu was honored with the request to speak at the TED Global conference. Dosunmu is currently in production on his documentary “The African Game” which documents the fans and spirit of football in Africa. Photographs from this documentary have already been published in a coffee table book by Powerhouse Publishing. RESTLESS CITY is Dosunmu’s first feature film endeavor; intended for theatrical release, it will premiere in the festival circuit in late 2010. Dosunmu is a grant recipient of the Annenberg Foundation and the Maryland Film Fund.”

You can witness Dosunmu’s stellar talent here.

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Orange Bubblegum

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Orange Bubblegum is the washed out, psychedelic and dreamy portfolio of imagery captured by the lens of photographer Robert Moses Joyce. There are some strikingly beautiful shots in Joyce’s portfolio. He has a truly artistic sense of composition and I could imagine he’s got a talent that could easily extend beyond his current style.

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Timothy Saccenti: Updates

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Photographer Timothy Saccenti has kept up with his sharp, crisp and surreal style and recently updated with several new projects. His crisp and often nearly glowing imagery is just what the doctor ordered as far as modern contemporary photography goes and it’s likely landed him a flurry of commercial work.

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Aorta is the cooperative trademark of photographers Marco Grizelj and Kristian Kraen. It’s a wild ride looking through their surreal, raw and intense imagery that will no doubt leave a lasting impression on your memory. Brace yourself.

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William James Vincent Broadhurst

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Beautifully moody and slightly washed out photos of attractive people and cool locales are overflowing the Flickrstream banks of photographer William James Vincent Broadhurst.

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Alison Scarpulla

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Yes the words ‘trippy’, ‘magical’ and ‘creepy’ are all perfectly acceptable adjectives when searching to describe the photographs of Alison Scarpulla and I’d imagine she’d be just fine with such word use.

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Star Wars Behind the Scenes

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The Daily Mail has some great photos posted showing some rare behind the scenes horseplay with the now legendarily iconic personalities behind the original Star Wars trilogy. If you are a fan (like me) then it’s a fun little treasure trove to dig through.

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