AREA 17 is an interactive agency located in New York City and Paris, France. We create user-centered websites, software applications and visual identity systems. AREA 17 also refers to the optical cortex of your brain where visual data is received, patterns are recognized and images are formulated. This is not a coincidence.

AREA 17 was founded in March 2003. We are independently owned and creatively motivated. We are Andrew Ackermann, Arnaud Mercier, Audrey Templier, Claire Deribreux, David Guez, David Lamothe, Debbie Tomlinson, Dominique Deriaz, Elise Agostini, George Eid, Jordan Khammar, Kemp Attwood, Kristen Nosek, Luis Lavena, Martin Rettenbacher and Mubashar Iqbal.”

Be sure to click the ‘explorations’ or ‘more research’ buttons when you see them because they have a treasure trove of work buried within some of their projects that expose their process.

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