Well my verdict is in. Quite a game by the way even though I am the world’s worst sports fan. I am a nerdy artist to the core, so I watch football about once a year and that is usually the superbowl, since naturally being in advertising, I like to watch the ads. Anyway, my favorite by far this year was the talking eTrade baby. There were two separate eTrade baby spots, but the one where the kid pukes was the funniest. A close second was Tide’s talking stain spot. You can watch that spot as the second one down but there is a little plug at the beginning for a contest Tide is running. Stick around for the spot though because it is pretty damned funny. The last would be the FedEx giant carrier pigeons spot. The premise was pretty lame, but it did have some good moments, and you’ve got to give credit where it is due for special effects. You can watch that video here, on MySpace but consider yourself forewarned, it loads very slow. The spot starts off a little slow, but you forgive it in the end after giant carrier pigeon havoc breaks out on the street.

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