Vermibus Process

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Advertising is mostly ugly, distractingly noisy clutter. So why not make some improvements or at the very least some art.

Camera: Xarlee, cargocollective.com/xar_lee
Editing: David de Larrea
Music: Rob Costlow – Contemporary Piano – Bliss

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A Box Called Lowdi

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“He’s small and easy-going – light-hearted but very social. He’s good on the phone and is a massive music fan. He’s a romantic. While he tends to be a little loud, he likes nothing more than to just blend into the background and help set the scene. He looks great in black and he’s not attached… to anything.”

One of my friend’s tweeted this (I’ll never get used to saying ‘tweeted’) and I kept it top of mind for a while. Silky Smooth animation through and through.


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Sex is No Accident

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The throwback Hanna-Barbera thing happening in these PSAs for Mtv is fantastic. It’s the perfect marriage of style and content compliments of  Parasol Island for Grey. These are apparently 8 months old but this is the first I’ve seen of them.

Client: MTV Switzerland
Agency: Grey
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Henke, Sacha Reeb
Creative Director: Regner Lotz, Moritz Grub
Copywriter: Janus Hansen
Art Director: Alphons Conzen, Frederico Gasparian, Reto Oetterli
Producer: Dennis Eichner
Production: Parasol Island
Director: Charles Bals
Animation Director: Dino Figuera
Lead Animator: Hiroaki Ando
Background Artwork: Charles Bals, Oliver Navarro , Steve Scott
After Effects Animation: Christian Hoffmann, Heike Mauer
Producer: Sara Dadras, Meike Müller, Jack Gregory-Donald
Music: Jonathan Wulfes


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I am Always Hungry: Updates

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I and I am sure a lot of you too have kept track on the work of I am Always Hungry for a while now and they finally updated after a very very long time and it’s a meaty update to be sure. There is lots of good work in their portfolio and it looks like they haven’t had to go too hungry lately with the amount of projects they have been working on.

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Back to Water

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I’ve had a director crush on  for a while now and he recently posted a new spot for Tribord Swimwear that is again a fine example of his trademark style and eye for unusual visuals.

Agency: Fred & Farid
Production Company: Moonwalk Films
Executive Producer: Gaspard Chevance
Producer: Franck Servoz
Director: Christopher Hewitt
DOP: Nicolas Karakatsanis
Post Production: Nightshift
Colourist: Aubrey Woodiwiss (The Mill)
Edit: Adam Marshall at The Whitehouse
Music: Zbigniew Preisner – Offertorium (Ben Boysen Remix)
Sound: Aaron Reynolds at WAVE

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Tom Hingston Studio: Updates

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Tom Hingston Studio consistently cranks out exceptional work and his recent portfolio update is no exception. There are some brilliantly produced projects represented for some amazing clients.

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Hipster Branding

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If you have a pulse and you’ve kept your ear to the ground creatively over the past few years I am sure you may have picked up on the influence of ‘hipster’ culture on both graphic design and advertising. And like it is with every trend after a period of time there will always be a backlash. And lately the hipster influence has definitely had it’s neck laid over the chopping block. I recently stumbled upon a fun little site called Hipster Branding that ‘rebrands’ well known companies with a little ‘hipster’ pastiche and it’s pretty dead on. Is it good you might ask? Well it’s hip.

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Estudio Vixen

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Estudio Vixen is the design studio of Alba Plaza based in the amazing city of Barcelona (I am dying to get back there soon). He’s involved in several interesting projects and has the simple but slick presentation of his work dialed in tight.

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Red Bull BC One 2011

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Power vs. style – an international b-boying contest offers plenty character inspiration to drool upon. Mate Steinforth and his Berlin Breakers designed and produced this fly announcement trailer in 2011. Watch the 2012 DC version now.

Client: Red Bull GmbH, Austria

Agency: Kastner & Partners, Frankfurt
Creatives: Thomas Gessner

Production Company: Sehsucht Berlin GmbH & Co. KG
Director: Mate Steinforth
Art Direction: Philipp Brömme, Helge Kiehl
Art Department: Anja von Harsdorf, Axel Brötje, Stephan Wever
Design: Mate Steinforth, Julius Brockelmann, Jonas Littke, Christian Zschunke, Ronny Schmidt,
3D: Philipp Brömme (lead), Vitaly Grossmann, Ronny Schmidt
Animation: Matthias Knappe, Lars Krüger
2D Animation: Helge Kiehl, Philipp Rudler
Compositing: Helge Kiehl, Christina Agapitou, Christian Zschunke
Producer: Julia Rudloff, Christian Gemeiner
Music & Sound Design: Michael Fakesch


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Infiniti Blue Essence

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Stills, styleframes and more at: polynoid.tv/infiniti-blue-essence

Year: 2012
Client: Infiniti

Agency: TBWA G1
Creative directors: Adam Mandelstam & Fabian Braun
Creative team: Miles Jeffreys, Kirk Williams & Eric Haugen
Agency producer: Emilie Prud’homme

Production company: Passion Paris Productions
Executive Producer: Marc Bodin-Joyeux
Producer: Emilie Walmsley

Direction / Art Direction / Animation: Polynoid

CG Artists: Fabian Pross, Csaba Letay, Ilija Brunck, Jan Bitzer, Heiko Schneck, Falko Paeper

Sound: Michael Fakesch (designingsounds.com)


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Jagermeister: Rebirth

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“Jägermeister wanted to create a stylised video piece to promote their drinks brand across a range of clubs in Germany. Displayed on large flat screen monitors and digital media throughout various participating venues, the content needed to speak about the brand in a refreshing, energetic way.

Creating something interesting, and quite abstract, whilst simultaneously telling a story was of importance during this project. The finished piece was designed to loop indefinitely, yet it can still be interpreted as a journey through the dimensions of evolution, moments in time and kinetic energy.

Thanks to Angelo Wellens, who spent many late nights helping with the animation. And Henrique Matias for the soundtrack. Created at Hi-ReS!”

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Stash: Best of 2011

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Stash has posted their best videos from 2011 and if you lean more toward the motion, animation, 3d and broadcast side of the creative business, it’s an inspiring list to pick through.

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Saiman Chow // Ray-Ban

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Saiman Chow has brought his patent psychedelic spin to this spot for Ray-Ban’s ‘Rare Prints’ campaign. It’s refreshing to see that style translated into broadcast. I would expect to see more considering how this has been received so far.

Client: Ray-Ban
Spot title: Rare Prints
Agency: Marcel, Paris
Creative Director : Sebastien Vacherot
Writer : Sebastian Piacentini
Art Director : Bastien Grisolet
Account Manager : Shannon Eddy
TV Producer : Cleo Ferenczi

Director: Saiman Chow
Production Company: Blacklist
Executive Producer: Michael Neithardt
Producer: Patrick Gantert
Associate Producer: Sophie Gate
Compositor: Fred Kim

Animation: Studio Nos
Creative Directors: Mathew Amonson, Jeremy Bronson
Producer: John Bega
Stop Motion Director: Mathew Amonson
Animators: Mathew Amonson, Luca Vitale
Model Fabrication: Junko Shimizu, Zack Williams, Mathew Amonson
Director of Photography: Mathew Amonson

Music and Sound Design: Antfood
Executive Producer: Sean McGovern

Production Service Company: Wam

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Buro Reng

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Buro Reng is a multi-disciplinary firm based in The Netherlands with a very interesting body of work that include some imagery that is difficult to erase from memory once you’ve seen it. Strange but good.

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Doubleday & Cartwright

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Doubleday & Cartwright is a media and design agency with a specialization in sport and culture. Our successes have been various: designing a garment customization space for Nike, turning a baseball legend into a viral and film festival sensation, helping a groundbreaking nutritional juice cleanse grow into a category killer. We participate in the product and content marketplace as both actors and advisors. So we know what it takes to make noise, capture attention, move units, and we offer clients the same excellence that we demand from ourselves on our own time.”

They possess a varied and accomplished portfolio of project work.

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Craig And Karl

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“Craig Redman and Karl Maier live on opposite sides of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way. They specialize in illustration, installation, typography, as well as character, editorial and pattern design.

Craig & Karl have exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre. They have worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Nike, Apple, Vogue, Microsoft, Converse, MTV and The New York Times.”

It’s probably best to keep an eye on this dynamic duo because even before joining forces they were attracting a lot of attention. And from the looks of their portfolio they are going to be attracting a whole lot more.

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Live The Language

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Director Gustav Johansson created these wonderful little spots for EF International Language Centers with the help of :

D.O.P: Niklas Johansson, fsf (niklasjohansson.com)
Typography: Albin Holmqvist (albinholmqvist.com)
Music: Magnus Lidehäll (twitter.com/​magnusthemagnus)
VFX: Goodmotion (goodmotion.se)

There is also one for Sydney and one for Vancouver.

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National Television: Updates

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Well if you are interested in motion design or work in the field like we do, you have most likely heard of any are probably a fan of National Television. They have just updated with a new website and a flurry of new project work, so now is the time to fill your inspirational cup.

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