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This is the official video for Monarchy & Dita Von Teese’s single ‘Disintigration’.

Director: Roy Raz
DoP: Roman Linetsky
Set Designer & Visual Consept: Samuel David Ben Shalom
Editor: Ornit Levy
CG & VFX: Gravity
Creative Director and VFX supervisor: Asaf Yeger , Gravity
Head of Art & Design: Israel Breslev, Gravity
Head of 3D & Online: Yoav Savaryego,Gravity
2D Animation: Yosi Lagzeal
Production: “We Do Production”
Producer: Hamutal Peles
Executive Producer: Yuli Urbakh
Hair & Make Up: Eran Pal
Styling: Gustavo Matias Franco
Choreographer: Tamir Eting
Husband: Angel Bonanni (for ADD Content Agency)
Voiceover intro: Eric Szmanda

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Saiman Chow: Updates

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Saiman is another guy always worth looking up from time to time and a browse through the recent additions to his portfolio pay off in full inspiration. He recently completed this video for Gotye that looks amazing.

Production Company: Blacklist
Director: Saiman Chow
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producers: Hilary Downes, Nathan Jew
Asst Producer: Patrick Gantert
Lead Design: Saiman Chow
Lead Animation: Saiman Chow
3D Animation: Vinh Chung
2D + Cell Animation: George Conkin, Danny Hynes, Alexandra Poston, Sophie Gate
Designers: Saiman Chow, Helene Park, Sophie Gate
3D Modeler: Lee Wolland, Vinh Chung
Storyboard Artist: Morgan Schweitzer
Compositors: Carlos Foxworthy, Vinh Chung, Helene Park
Music: Wally De Backer

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Ruckazoid: Dont Let Me Go

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This is a link supplied by The Crystal Beach and there is some great work coming out of this Munich-based studio helmed by Alexander Dueckmino.

video: Directed, designed, animated by Alexander Dueckminor

song: Produced, written, performed by Ruckazoid

mp3: bit.ly/RUWS4B

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Stereolove: I Wish That

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Made by Oh Yeah Wow: ohyeahwow.com

Like us on facebook: facebook.com/pages/Oh-Yeah-Wow/171680809552599

Director: Jayden Dowler

Producer: Darcy Prendergast

Animators: Andrew Bowler, Keith Crawford, Jayden Dowler

Design and Backgrounds, Storyboards and Layout: Jayden Dowler
Clean-up: Keith Crawford, Andrew Bowler, Jayden Dowler, Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho
Colourist: Keith Crawford, Andrew Bowler, Jayden Dowler, Alexandra Calisto de Carvalho, Sam Lewis

Compositors: Jayden Dowler, Keith Crawford, Andrew Bowler

Special Thanks: James Fraser, Ross deWinter (flag waver), Jess Wilson, Josh Thomas, Michael Greaney, Darcy Prendergast, Seamus Spilsbury (dancers) Sam Lewis (who provided no inspiration so we made him break dance), Maria Akkeson, Emma Haarburger

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Lucian Walker: Moneyspell

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Nigel Powers shot, edited and directed this video for Lucian Walker’s single ‘Moneyspell’.

Directed/Shot/Edited by: Nigel Powers
Produced by: Lucian Walker
Starring: Lakewet
Production Company: HI OWL

DOWNLOAD THE MP3: soundcloud.com/lucianwalker/moneyspell

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The Peach Kings: Lonely

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Director Paul Trillo was kind enough to share his recent directorial effort with the official video for The Peach Kings single ‘Lonely’. It’s a lovely video featuring ‘invisible people in lycra suits’ as Paul puts it. I think that’s friendly shorthand for some imaginative and evocative imagery. It’s a Vimeo Staff pick already also so you know quality is assured. Congrats on a great video and thanks for the email Paul.

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Frank Ocean: Pyramids

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And here’s more great work via Nabil.

directed by: Nabil
dop: Danny Hiele
producer: Tara Ravazi
editor: Brandon Driscoll-Luttringer
post: Bonnie Brae
color: Marshall Plante

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Of Monsters and Men: Little Talks

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WeWereMonkeys : Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks from WeWereMonkeys on Vimeo.

“Five sky-sailors discover a crystal meteor containing a lost mythical female creature. An epic journey through fantastical worlds ensues as the sailors struggle to return her to her people.”

Record Label: Republic / Universal Music
Director: Mihai Wilson (WeWereMonkeys)
Producer: Marcella Moser
Exec Producer: Geoff Mclean
Production Company: Vision Entertainment
DP: Hakon Sverrisson
U.S. Representative: Yvette Lang-Einczig (Yell Productions)
Commissioner: Shannon Weil (Universal Music)
Behind the scenes: weweremonkeys.com/vid_littletalks.php

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Cups in The Sink

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This is the official music video for “Cups in the Sink” from Cross Record’s full-length LP, Be Good. The video was created by .

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Joshua Catalano developed this simple music video that in many ways almost feels like the graphics are generative based on the actual audio. It doesn’t look like Proce55ing though I could be totally wrong. If you know any more than I do, please leave a comment or two.

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Beirut: The Rip Tide

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This is the debut music video for director Houmam Abdallah blending the real and surreal that follows a vessel that wonders into a world where art and nature are one. The video is for the title track of Beirut’s latest album, The Rip Tide. The song was inspired by the works of Salvador Dali, Georges Seurat and JMW Turner.

DoP: Simon Pinfield
Producer: Elaine Britton
Script Editor: Ruby Ocean
DIT/Camera Assist: Hugh Campbell
Lead Flame: Ilia Mokhatareizadeh
2D operator: John Price
2D assist: Siro Valente, Brad Wood, Milo
On set 2D supervisor: Graeme Turnbull
Editor: Daniel Budin
Assistant Editor: William Barnett
Colourist: Houmam Abdallah
Post-production producer: Sophie Hogg
Phantom: Steve Price (Love High Speed)
Set Design: Max Frommeld

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Ryan Davis: Dragonheart

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This is the official music video created for Ryan Davis’s single ‘Dragonheart’ off of his album ‘Particles of Bliss’ and was directed and created by Dmitry Zakharov.

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Apoplexie: Pimpon

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And now lets watch a kick ass music video directed by  for the french electro rock outfit Apoplexie for their single ‘Pimpon’ off of their LP Lp ‘Après Minuit’.

Lp ‘Après Minuit’ avalaible on itunes : itunes.apple.com/fr/album/id475445384

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“Dancehall Queen Style is a Jamaican dance fashion which became popular in the 1990s through music videos and The Grind show on MTV. The video is a playful take on the dancehall culture with its provocative costumes, suggestive poses, roles and blatant sexuality.”

Originally GRIND was made for Art gallery/-museum KIASMA and exhibition “Thank you for the music” 2012.

I will totally and openly acknowledge that the image above might be a little off putting to some (while totally inviting to others) but you have to trust me on this because there is something rather ‘glorious’ about this little video and yes ‘glorious’ is precisely the right word in this situation.

Idea and script: Jenni Hiltunen (vimeo.com/jennihiltunen)
Direct and edit: Miikka Lommi (vimeo.oom/miikkalommi or kennelhelsinki.com)
DOP: Jan Granström
Styling: Kirsi Nisonen/Henna Koskinen
Make-up & hair: Piia Hiltunen
Lights: Paavo Lehtonen/Jan Granström
Coloring: Pasi Mäkelä/James Post
Music: Ville Riippa
Dancers: House of Queens

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Metric: Youth Without Youth

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Nothing spoken for on the Vimeo page for this video so I’ve got no credits to list here but this is Metric and as a fan that is enough said for me.

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Zebra Katz.: Ima Read

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The actual title here is Zebra Katz featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx – Ima Read but man when your title for a song is that long, I just ain’t posting all that shit into one blog title but I’ll definitely post the video and the song if both are as cool as this.


Label: Mad Decent
Producer: Lauren Castro
Director: Ruben Sznajderman


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Purity Ring: Belispeak

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This is the latest single and official video from the album “Shrines” coming out July 23 (UK)/24(US and Canada). Gotta wait a day U.S. Deal with it.

Commissioned by Jamie Kohn Rabineau (larkcreative.tv)
Executive Producer Candice Ouaknine
Directed by BREWER
Produced by Matt Paley and Adam Hirsch (sainteliotandco.com)
Shot by Jackson Hunt (jacksonhuntdp.com)
Production Design by Erin Thiele

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An Evening with Dusty: Kyle Bobby Dunn

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Starring Grace Averis
Directed and edited by Joey Bania
VFX by Robin Stuart Cape
Photography by Joey Bania
Production assistance from Dominic Stephenson & Ram Alluri
Excerpts from ‘Cassini Mission’ courtesy of Chris Abbas and NASA

Filmed in and around Dunedin, New Zealand // June 2012

From the album – Bring Me the Head of Kyle Bobby Dunn
a double CD // low-point.com/LP049.html

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