Nicolas Girard: Updates

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Canadian Graphic Designer Nicolas Girard has some tasty stuff in his Behance-folio that’s been making it’s way round the little ole creative blogosphere as of late.

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Patrick Seymour

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Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Patrick Seymour has developed an interesting technique generating pop and film related portraits out of simple line work.

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Rik Oostenbroek: Updates

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Canadian pop illustration and Photoshop wunderkind Rik Oostenbroek has updated with a flurry of neon-colored coolness. His ‘next level’ series pays an homage to the glory days of video gaming and has been rippling through the blog stream for good reason. It looks amazing.

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A Brief History Of: Updates

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Graphic Designer/Art Director Greg Durrell recently updated with yet more stunning graphic work for the Olympics. His work has been all over the creative blogosphere this week most likely because of it’s simple accessible style that exudes a playful minimalism that is seemingly without pretension.

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Brand Nouveau

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Canadian Art Director and Designer Mark Bulford sent us a nice email about how much he enjoys our blog and we wanted to reciprocate because we really liked the work in his portfolio at Brand Nouveau. He has a small but considered body of work with an excellent us of type and image on display that looks like it is poised to get more interesting as he grows in his profession. Thanks for the email Mark.

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Ventilate Japan

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Michael at Ventilate is a very nice person and I had the opportunity to exchange several emails with him in the past few weeks about a project I hoped to initiate but just didn’t have time to pull together. Fortunately, Michael grab the reigns and put together the ‘Ventilate Japan‘ project to help pool some money to put toward the relief effort in Japan. A lot of news has happened since the earthquake in Japan but there are so many still suffering and they really do still need global support in any way we can get it to them.

Ventilate managed to pull together some very talented artists who really put some passion into designing some great posters for the cause.

Thank you so much Michael and Ventilate.

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Studio Feed

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Montreal based design studio Feed has been churning out some excellent design work since 1999 and you can see several examples at their recently updated website.

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Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know

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The Spanish collective Canada has yet again turned out an incredible music video, this time for the Northern Irish band Two Door Cinema Club’s ‘What You Know’, off their debut album Tourist History. The song is pretty damn catchy and the art direction for the video is spot on, featuring a chorus line of dancing girls that all look like they stepped out of Barcelona in 1986. Directed by Lope Serrano and produced by Partizan.

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Simon Duhamel

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Canadian photographer Simon Duhamel has launched a new site featuring some new imagery for 2010. Early in 2009 he co-founded Made of Stills as his new headquarters. Doing so added DP (Director of Photography) to his resume. He is now also shooting for stop motion and video.

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Greg Durrell updated his portfolio at ABRIEFHISTORYOF with some amazing work completed for the Olympics in Canada. The colorways, layouts and illustrations created for the rollout of the Canadian games is strikingly gorgeous and still amazingly clean and simple. It’s totally inspirational graphic design.

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Andrew B. Myers

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Andrew B. Myers is a Toronto based photographer and currently a student of Ryerson University. He has a raw aesthetic that often involves washed out natural backdrops. It’s an alluring approach especially to someone like me who has a little bit of Colorado in their heart.

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Julien Vallee

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French Canadian designer Julien Vallée has kept busy with his unique combination of design and hand generated dimensional typography. His titles for OFFF Paris bear his unmistakable mark and personality.

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Ginette Lapalme lives and works in Toronto, Canada. She is part of the silkscreen studio Halo Halo and is also a member of the Woweezonk comic collective.  She has a hand-on somewhat retro-inspired style that incorporates watercolor with great effect. The painted sticks above are for her Threadless shirt submission. Very nice.

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Brian Banton

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Toronto based designer Brian Banton is in possession of a small but striking portfolio of work.

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Derek Kettela

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Derek Kettela is originally from Toronto, Canada. He grew up as an snowboarding and skateboarding enthusiast, which eventually led him into the photography of action sports. From 97 to 02 he worked as a senior contributing photographer for Transworld Snowboarding magazine while living in Vancouver.

In 2003, he moved to New York City and shifted focus to fashion photography. He has since photographed for publications such as Annabelle, Fashion Magazine, Preen, Marie Claire, Black Magazine, Elle Girl, Glamour UK, Glamour Italia, Wonderland, Own Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar and GQ.

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Taylor David

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Canadian designer, artist, actor, thinker, mentor and pirate Taylor David is oozing with style. His stylized retro-twinged collaging makes for highly commercially viable imagery and if you dare click on his ‘info’ section you will in turn be treated to a highly commercially viable looking kind of a guy with a whole lot of hair.

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Tara Dougans

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Canadian artist and illustrator Tara Dougans has some unusual pencil work in her Flickr folio of some piercing characters spilling personality right off the page.

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Abi Huynh is a graphic designer originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, living in Vancouver but working (temporarily) in New York City. He is a graduate from the Type and Media MA program at the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten (Den Haag). He also holds a B Des Communication Design from the Emily Carr University in Vancouver. There is some excellent use of typography work in his portfolio.

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