I bet you didn’t think it was possible for me to create even more posters did you? Well, think again. There are yet even more in the PRINT section of the site and I am adding one at the rate of about one a week to every two weeks. I will be gathering price quotes later this month on printing and should have some in the store late this summer. I am looking into metallics, varnishes and potentially fluorescents. Should be a little something to love for every design nerd. Don’t take offense to that statement by the way, I am probably the biggest one of all. I have been experimenting with all manner of illustration style and typography. I am trying to really take one each poster individually and do something unique for each. There is a little more Brazilian love in there too since the love of my life is Brazilian. I will be going there again later this summer as well. I am ready now. I could really use a vacation.

There will also be a digital downloads section in my storefront later this year that will offer up, for a very low price, bundles of the vector art I have amassed and categorized over the last decade. I am also planning on offering up store space to my other bloggers, so there may be some of their tees, posters etc. available in the store later this year as well.

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