J. Kenneth Rothermich

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There is some very considered and well-executed design work in the portfolio of the very distinguished sounding J. Kenneth Rothermich.

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Gary Swindell: Updates

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It’s been a long time since I dropped in on the portfolio of brand designer Gary Swindell. He’s kept busy and continued to build a portfolio of work that would make any graphic designer salivate. The work is rich, classic, bold and beautiful.

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JooHee Yoon

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JooHee Yoon has an interesting style that makes every illustration feel as if it has already been printed and the ink may have been running out in the process. It makes the simple stylized imagery feel ‘real’ for lack of a better description. The tactility gives the work an added sense of dimension and pulls the work out of modern pop realm back into the illustration heydays of the 60s and 70s.

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McDonagh Illustration

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Tim McDonagh has some sumptuously detailed work in his small but considered illustration portfolio. He keeps his color work fairly flat and printerly which gives his work a bit of an antiqued feel.

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Rick Berkelman has a ‘not too in your face’ style as he describes it that combines elements of hand rendered typography, patterns and characters that are finished with a printerly touch that sometimes leans towards the ‘vintage appeal’.

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Letterpress Monster

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Letterpress Monster is the working scrapbook and portfolio of British designer and printer Ian Gabb. He’s got some delectable print projects that involve every designers favorite tactile typographic medium the letterpress.

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Build: Updates

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If you are a good little designer then you have no doubt been inspired for a long time now by the work of Michael C. Place and his studio Build. He is a well established brand in this tough business we find ourselves scraping away at and he has consistently put out solid work for so long now that he almost makes it look easy. Build has recently updated with more minimal and downright beautiful work for print, branding and web and like usual it is well worth a look.

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Berger & Fohr

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“Berger & Föhr is a Boulder-based multidisciplinary design Studio. We practice cohesive visual communication characterized by modernism, minimalism and the search for objectivity. We employ a comprehensive methodology emphasizing clear and concise communication – to create lasting, considered work.”

Berger & Föhr is run by a friend of mine who I haven’t seen much of in the past few years. It’s been a delight to watch their transformation though and I think they are bringing a needed element to the design and advertising scene here in Colorado. Positioning themselves as they have is a smart move and they are doing well as a studio because of it. I applaud the approach and congratulate them on their recent movie and new website.

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Nick Dart: Updates

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Nick Dart has some brilliantly understated graphic design work in his portfolio and he recently updated with more (thankfully) of the same. Excellent work.

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Dustin Holmes

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Can something be gritty and grungey yet lyrical and approachable all at once? Well illustrator Dustin Holmes seems to be pulling it off.

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Hey Studio: Updates

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I’ve been a fan of Hey Studio since I first laid eyes on their work. I usually am not a big fan of email newsletters, probably because so many are sent to me but I always look forward to theirs. They recently updated their website and for the fans of minimal and classic graphic design with just a hint of colorful latin flair it does not disappoint.

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Oat Creative

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Somerville, Massachusetts based studio Oat Creative is doing some air tight branding work with an old school eastern seaboard flair. Think yachts, fishing, good beer and finely-tuned typography and you should start to find the groove.

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Studio Constantine

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Studio Constantine (The Manual Electric) isn’t the name of some awesome band/album, it’s the name of an extremely talented studio responsible for some inspiring print work.

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105 Pariis

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105 Parris is the name taken by designer Enis Maksutovski. He is a modern day creative crossing the media streams vis-a-vis art direction, design, illustration and photography. He is based near Dusseldorf, Germany where he provides creative solutions for TV, animation, print and interactive primarily targeting fashion, lifestyle, music and entertainment.

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Andrei Ograda is a freelance graphic artist/designer from Bucharest, Romania who is currently “trapped” in Spain where he claims it has become near impossible to find work. He’s ready to travel and open to work anywhere in Europe or maybe even the U.S. He’s got some very unique work in his portfolio which is why I am mentioning it here. So hook the guy up already.


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Aimizm: Updates

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Freelance Brand Designer Gary Swindell has recently updated his immaculate portfolio at Aimizm with some beautiful new project work. It is well worth the inspirational browse.

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Dieline Top 100 of 2011

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I’ll come right out and admit that I am not a fan of the arbitrary and subjective lists that crowd and overpopulate the internet but the ever-inspiring Dieline knows what they are talking about. They have amassed their ‘top 100‘ package designs of 2011 and there is some ‘abfab’ work to take in, ponder and draw inspiration from. I was glad to see that I Love Dust’s portfolio package made the list. They are high on my list of ‘if we could just be like them’ studios that we look toward to inspire the growth and image of our studio, so our ears always perk up when we see them make a list of note.

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Ideas Factory

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The ‘Ideas Factory‘ is not big but their ideas are. They have some tight branding, typography and print work in their considered portfolio that is of course all a very classic graphic design affair.

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