Alright, so the fateful time has finally drawn near where it is time to actually print some of the posters I have created over the last several months. I have my quotes in for the first 7 posters. All of the posters (minus the Iso Series posters commemorating the isometric paper system) will be printed on A3 size paper. A3 is pretty close to 11×17. All of the posters will be printed on 100lb stock paper, some on white others on natural tone. Since they aren’t really large posters, they will be fairly inexpensive. The cost per poster will probably be in the 15-20 dollar range and I will be able to ship overseas, which makes it a pretty good deal if you are not subjugated to the sinking dollar like we are here in the states.

The question is, and I am having trouble with this myself so I am asking you, which ones do I print first? I will only be doing 7 at first and depending on how well the first series goes, I will be printing more in the fall. Which posters would you buy? Which posters do you like? Let me know with your comments or send me an email. I will be printing the ‘We Not Me’ poster for sure because there has been a really high volume of emails requesting that particular poster. Outside of that, they are all fair game. Please help me decide. I value your opinion as readers and you, after all, are my audience. If you frequent the blog often and enjoy the work I do, now is your chance to help determine what you would like to own for yourself. If you need a memory refresher, the posters are all listed in the PRINT section of the website.

Thank you so much in advance for reading the blog and supporting the site.

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