I was sincerely just absolutely blown away by Christopher Herwig’s photography. He is able to capture the personality and essence of the exotic places he has traveled in a viscerally gripping way that really seizes the imagination. Honestly, looking through the images was the first time I started thinking that maybe I should learn something about photography and try taking it up myself. It inspired me that much. I was really glad I stumbled upon his body of work.

About Christopher Herwig:
“A Canadian currently based in Monrovia, Liberia and doing assignments throughout West Africa. Between 2003 – 2006 I was putting together a collection of images on Central Asia while living in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

I was technically educated in photography at Langara College in Vancouver, and my background includes professional work in advertising, PR and editing. While my earlier work experience was primarily commercial, much of my free time since 1993 has been spent on travel photography. This travel work has been showcased in exhibitions, magazines and on TV worldwide. I strive to produce clean and graphically pleasing compositions that document realistic situations sometimes playfully but still respectfully. I try not to limit my subject matter to what would typically be showcased; instead I include the many varied aspects of ordinary life that are often overlooked and try to highlight the charms and uniqueness of a particular region. Besides documenting different aspects of life and introducing an area such as Central Asia to a wider audience, the images are intended to entertain.”

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