DATA (Designers Against Tibetan Abuse) is a new organization that has come together recently and opened a new project that will include a book featuring various designers, digital artists, illustrators and photographers joining together to raise awareness of the terrible issues faced by the Tibetan people.

All proceeds derived from the sale of the book will go to charity and if we have enough people express a willingness to participate we will take our idea to the following charities:

Tibet Foundation

Tibet Society

Some confirmed participants are:

Adhemas Batista, Alex Trochut, Bram Timmer, David Carvalho (Karpa) Greig Anderson, Pawel Nolbert (hellocolor), Pete Harrison (Aeiko), Mike Harrison (Destill), Si Scott, Justin Maller (superlover and depthcore), Diogo Potes (six letter word) etc.

Right now participation in the project is by invite only. I was invited earlier this week and I was honored to be considered as this is an issue I have strong opinions about and I am always happy and excited to contribute towards something I feel is a good cause.

DATA is also currently looking for designers to volunteer to make a functioning website. If you are interested please contact: info@designersagainsttibetanabuse.com

This is a good thing to be involved in so if you do know someone who can help with their site, please do contact them.

You can learn a little more at the current DATA site.

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