Well, have you had enough of the t-shirt craze yet? Has the saturation point been reached? Hang on a minute because I just discovered one of the coolest t-shirt community/submission sites I have discovered since Threadless. It’s called Design By Humans. I knew it wouldn’t be long before someone else would take a crack at this business model. The differentiator at Design By Humans is the product. It isn’t the ‘buzz’ factor or the fact that this is a revolutionary idea, the fantastic thing about this website, hands down, is the shirts themselves. I was inspired just looking through them. There are some beautiful works of art in there and the fact that it looks as though they spare no expense in reproducing those works on the t-shirts warrants merit. I was seriously amazed at how many original, vibrant and just spectacular designs are available. The really unbelievable thing is that they are all only $19 bucks. If you live in Europe, you can’t miss.

The shirts are printed after they are voted upon by the Design By Humans user community. You can set up an account at the site and vote for the designs you like.  All of this should sound familiar if you have ever involved yourself with Threadless.

It gets even better. Just check out how much money you can win if your design wins shirt of the month. Here are the rules and regulations surrounding their pay for designs: “Each weekday a submitted design wins the Shirt of the Day (SOTD) prize of $750 ($500 cash & $250 store credit). Each week the five previous SOTD winners go head to head for the Shirt of the Week (SOTW) prize of $1000 cash. Then the four SOTW winners compete for the final prize of $1750 ($1500 cash & $250 store credit) and the coveted trophy and title of Shirt of the Month. All in all, a winning design that goes all the way can win up to $3500!

So go there now and see for yourself.

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