Creative Cards

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“The idea
To create a deck of 54 unique playing cards. Artists and illustrators pick a card each and design it in their own style. When all designs are submitted, the deck is printed in a strictly limited number of copies, which are distributed between the members of the project.

Project aims
Create something useful, collectable, pretty and unique. For artists and designers to collaborate on an interesting project and show off their unique style and techniques.”

There is already a recognizable roster of talent already represented for the Creative Cards project but there is still more to come.

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State of the Obvious

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Mash Creative (who reached out to us) and Design Museum recently released a new series of minimal yet affordable products as a part of their State of the Obvious line. The entire collection is available only through the Design Museum shop and features some beautifully designed pieces like iPhone and tablet skins.

Creative Director, Mark Bloom had this to say about the release:

“Extending the philosophy & thinking behind our branded State of the Obvious collection, we have designed a set of products exclusively for the Design Museum.

The design of these products has been heavily influenced by the International Typographic Style from the 50’s and 60’s & shows an evolution from our original S/O/T/O collection. It has been designed to appeal to typography and design lovers alike.

At S/O/T/O we design and produce products which not only look good but also have a useful function.”

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“Print-process is the new sister company to the online print shop Blanka. Print-Process was born out of the concept of creating print in a more democratic and liberating way for our customers.

With Print-Process the idea is to give more power to the customer. We have 1 fixed price structure [depending on the size of print you order] and the artists all work democratically to the same system. The customer can choose the print they want to own, but now depending on their finances or the size of the space they live in, they can chose the same great work but now are able to specify the size and better control the price they pay. The work is all digitally made to order to the highest giclee print standard, and to keep the cost friendly for the customer, it is made to an open ended edition. Some prints by some artists, whilst open ended, may run to a limited time frame. We believe this is an interesting way of getting our unique design work out to our customers without compromising artists’ individual standards. Our aim is that this will be a liberating concept and fulfilling experience for both our artists and our customers.”

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Studio Newwork: Calendar

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Studio Newwork recently released a new calendar for 2011 where they composed dates as musical notes. The calendar is silk screened on large ( 26 ” x 40″) and thick weight stone henge paper rough-edged paper in an edition of 100.

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Urban Outfitters Fixie

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Alright, I am not going to sit here and pretend that I know a lot about fixed gear bikes, so I am not vouching for this but I did think it was kind of cool. Urban Outfitters has launched a new program where you can customize a fixed gear bike that they then build and ship to you. It’s kind of an armchair way to get into fixed gear riding I know but for $400 bucks I am tempted to cop one just for the hell of it. I am curious about the quality of the bike and how they ride. If anyone gets one, shoot me an email and let me know what you think about it.

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Grove creates custom laser-engraved bamboo iPhone cases that are just plain awesome. I try to hold off on writing about products or promoting anything on the site (because this isn’t a free PR blog) unless I really think it’s cool. And I think these are some of the coolest iPhone cases I have seen so far. They don’t come cheap but the artist series is really impressive and the craftsmanship required to create these doesn’t come cheap either. If you really are looking for a unique piece of art to shield your unique piece of technology, I think this is it (for me at least).

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Karvt is a (Denver) locally owned business that created custom wooden skins for Macbook computers. The wooden skins are applied directly to the computer to bring a more natural look to your masterpiece of modern technology. Karvt currently has a Twitter Sweepstakes going on and are giving away 7 Originals Wooden Macbook skins. All you have to do is friend us and send a tweet to enter. The entire month of April they are accepting pre-orders. All pre-orders are 10% off if you use the code PREORDER during checkout.

Karvt also has an artist series of skins and hopes to expand the library or available designs. I am hoping to submit a design in the near future so keep an eye out for that.

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Counter-Objects is the sister store to Counter-Print and features some equally thoughtfully curated art and design goodies that I am sure a lot of us would love to get our hands on. There are some posters available from some my favorite designers and illustrators that I didn’t even realize were still in circulation. I discovered the site via a link back to Changethethought and for that I thank them very much.

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123 Klan Toys

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I can’t much confess to ever being into the toy craze but I do love me some 123 Klan, and they have just released their own little geo-graf-inspired versions of vinyl fellas. They are cool to look at but the price tag is definitely for the serious collector.

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Retail Facility

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Kim Colin and Sam Hecht have launched ‘Retail Facility‘ with some really attractive design-as-consumer products (becoming a valid retail marketplace despite the economic downturn). Love the clocks. Can’t afford the price.

But I really want one of those clocks.

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I had no idea that you could make products look so hot right now until Palast showed me the way.

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Kinkyform: Neo Gramophone

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Kinkyform sent a note about a new project they have ongoing titled the ‘Neo Gramophone‘. Its a really attractive design and sounds like an interesting concept that would make for a nice design piece at home.

“Playing vinyl back in the days the gramophone is now able to play your personal musical selection via streaming directly from itunes or directly by loading music on it via bluetooth. A simple subsurface menu (reacts upon touching the menu area) provides easy playing, simple usage like the traditional gramophone. Clean and perfect sound is a must today so the inside of the neo-gramophone features multiple speakers and a subwoofer with the horn as the bass-reflex tube.”

Kinkyform is currently seeking investors to complete their final vision of the project.

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Hector Serrano Studio

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Innovative product and space design from Héctor Serrano Studio.

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Stefan Petur Solveigarson

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More goodness from Iceland, this time much of it in the 3rd dimension versus the 2nd from Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson.

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Click for Art

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Again, I was fairly sure I had written about Click for Art before but can’t seem to find it after searching through posts so I don’t want to miss mentioning it. Through the site you can purchase all kinds of artistic goods from some well known and some less known artists, illustrators and graphic designers. There is some really fantastic merchandise available at the site but a lot of it doesn’t come cheap so be prepared to burn a little hole in your pocketbook.

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Ghin: Colourwheel Calendar

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“I designed this colourwheel calendar due to my frustration with the way calendars only allowed me to view units of seven days or a month at a time. I decided to lay out the calendar on a single page, making it possible to view the whole year at a
glane. Thus enabling the viewer to start making new associations between events and time in general. A lunar calendar is integrated into the layout making it easy to see full and new moons.”

The calendar is available at Ghin. It’s a beautiful piece of typographic work.

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40 Most Creative Lamps

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Freshome has a really cool list of what they consider the 40 most creative lamps. I really want the one pictured above in a bad way.

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Hi, we’re Supermarket.

We’re here to connect you directly with designers and the great things they make.

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