Celeste, in my humble opinion, is one of the best young local designers we ‘had’ in this city and now she is going the way of the birds. It is a shame really because she is genuinely talented. She is talented enough that two former high-up creatives from Fallon saw her goods and decided to take her in at their new shop, Zeus Jones in Minneapolis. Sadder still, she is taking her boyfriend Rob with her who was also very talented and works under the name Lifter Baron.

Its sad that you hear a lot of low-murmur whining in the Denver advertising and design community about the lack of talent and jobs available here, and that there is ‘not really much going on’. Then when we do have some raw talent here just waiting to create an impact, we let it go to somewhere else that apparently ‘is happening’.

Someone should have nabbed Celeste when they had the chance. She will truly be missed by those of us who know from firsthand experience just how far she may go.

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