2013 Paper Fashion Show Promo

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My good friends at Spillt here in Denver, Colorado recently created this promotional piece for the anual 2013 Paper Fashion Show. It’s a local show that has been running several years now but this is far and away the best promo-spot I’ve ever seen created for it. Excellent job guys.


Client: Art Directors Club Denver
Direction, Design, Animation: Curt Cooper
Animation: Brian Long
Text/Logo: Ryan Bramwell

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Burke Miles

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My friend Burke Miles was mentioned in an earlier post today but the man deserves his own space. He’s recently updated his site with a new reel and he is one of Denver’s best kept local secrets. He’s oozing with talent, he’s humble, modest and he’s a genuinely good person. All the right stuff to make for one of the best possible people to work with in Colorado. He was a part of the secret sauce here at Changethethought before we momentarily merged and then split with Friends of Mine and that is where he continues to work now. He does still accept freelance however and if you are looking for someone good to work with directly, Burke is most definitely your man. There isn’t enough room on this blog for all the good things I could say about him and I sure miss having him in my studio.

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Legwork: 2012 Reel

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My friends at Legwork have released their latest reel for 2012 and it’s chock full of whoop ass. I had a chance of working with these guys maybe 4-5 years back just as they were very first starting out and turned down the chance. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. They continue to amaze me with the kind of work they are continually putting out and their star is fast on the rise here in Denver. All of it is deserved though because they work their asses off. Keep it up guys. I’ve got nothing but love.

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Changethethought & Friends of Mine Part

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After a nearly 4 month engagement with the emerging Denver motion design and FX studio Friends of Mine, Changethethought has decided to part ways and return to it’s operations as an independent multi-disciplinary creative studio and creative brand. The decision for Changethethought to leave it’s partnership with Friends of Mine was a result of a desire to continue to push CTT further as it’s own creative brand that can live outside the scope of an entirely project-driven studio. As a result Changethethought will be moving it’s emphasis more towards freelance art direction and consulting for advertising agencies, branding, graphic design, package design, illustration, animation and motion. Projects will soon be underway to generate several new items in the Changethethought storefront to help inspire opportunities for artists, designers, typographers and illustrators that have been featured on the CTT blog to sell goods developed in direct collaboration with CTT.

Friends of Mine is quickly developing into a powerful production studio in Denver and will continue to do so. We wish FOM all the success they deserve and will continue to support their efforts.

Currently Changethethought is seeking projects, collaborations and ideas for print, branding, graphic design, illustration, motion, art direction, advertising on the blog and the development of content for the blog. Please contact us at hire(at)changethethought to discuss your next project or desired collaboration with CTT.

Thank you as always for your support of both the blog and the studio.

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Friends of Mine

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Well this is long long overdue but I am sure many of you have noticed the blog has slowed a bit lately. The reason being is that at the start of March we launched a new venture with some old friends. Over the past two years we opened an actual creative studio under the Changethethought name and managed to work on a lot of projects for some very exciting clients. In order to take things to the next level we combined our studio with the amazing talents at Friends of Mine. Changethethought will be shifting back more toward non client-based projects like art prints, posters, exhibitions, group shows, events, etc. We’ll be looking to collaborate a lot more with other artists under this new venture and are working on plans to completely overhaul the website and how it serves the creative community.

So far we have been insanely busy with our projects through Friends of Mine. Our focus is primarily motion design, animation, 3d and illustration but we are also looking to work on print, branding and digital projects. We’ve worked for some big agencies over the past few months as well as several agencies in our home base city of Denver, Colorado. It’s been a real thrill to work alongside some of the best motion designers in the state and we will be opening a new office in July close to downtown Denver. You can check out our 2012 reel above and we recently launched a new Friends of Mine website.

Keep any eye out and please keep us in mind for any projects you might find our capabilities suitable for. And expect several changes over the next 2 years with Changethethought. We will be releasing several new prints over the coming months and are looking for new artists to collaborate with.

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Occupy Denver

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A little less than two weeks ago young director/filmmaker Shelby Smith headed downtown to the Occupy Denver camp with camera in tow. This is what he captured.

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The Legend of Your Dad

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Our friends at Legwork here in Denver just keep kicking ass. They are super good at what they do and they are good guys to boot. Our studio is really proud to call these guys friends and we couldn’t be happier that they are here in Denver and are putting great work out there. It’s a good thing for all of us. This piece is a little older and was created for the Colorado Lottery under the creative direction of local ad agency Cactus. This is by far one of our favorite pieces Legwork has done over this past year and we were really inspired by it.

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The Bungaloo

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John Vogl is a crazy talented local illustrator based right here in Denver, CO. He has somehow slipped my attention but I recently stumbled across his work and was incredibly impressed by his poster art. He’s got some absolutely fantastic posters for sale at both his Etsy Shop and his Big Cartel store.

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Ryan Mast

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Ryan Mast is a local Denver Motion Designer who we recently hired to work on a project. He is enormously talented and a really great guy. Two traits that make for a great person to have on a project. We really enjoyed working with him and are hoping to work with him again very soon. If you are looking for a local freelance talent in the motion design and 3D field, you can’t do much better than Ryan. Keep an eye out for him in the future, wherever he goes good things are sure to follow.

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Snowblinded Sale

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My friend and local designer artist Anthony Cozzi AKA Snowblinded is having a limited time sale on all of his prints until April 15th. I actually own the print above that was created for last years Denver Artcrank event and it is actually a silkscreen print. The use of color and the quality of the print is top notch, it looks fantastic in our studio.

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Jason Thielke: Updates

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My friend and local Denver-based artist Jason Thielke recently updated his website with several new pieces he has been working on for upcoming exhibitions. I’ve always liked Jason’s work and he’s got some good looking new stuff at his website.

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Spillt 2011

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My good friend Ryan Bramwell has made a real splash on Denver in the past 2 years with his motion design company named Spillt. They have relaunched with an entirely new website that has been updated with several new projects including their new reel that you can watch above. Lots of good stuff in their portfolio and it makes me proud to call Ryan a friend and even prouder to be sharing space with him here in the fine city of Denver.

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Legwork: What We Learned

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My good friends at Legwork Studio here in Denver were asked ‘what they learned last year’ (in 2010) by the local advertising blog The Denver Egotist. This is what they had to say and how they illuminated their response through their unique set of skills and personality.

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Mile High on the Map

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Changethethought will be exhibiting the above piece this Friday, December 3rd at the Illiterate Gallery for a show entitled ‘Mile High on the Map”. We printed 5 Giclée’s and one is framed. The framed piece will sell for $150 while the unframed will be available for $100 each. All prints are signed and numbered. We are excited to be a part of the show and hope to be exhibiting more work in the upcoming year at Illiterate. You can see a detailed image of our print at our Flickr-folio. Our piece is a bit of a puff surrealist pop art bit about  two of our favorite quintessentially weird iconic Denver public art sculptures. You can also see the first pass of the graphite drawing used as the foundation for the piece before it was finished digitally.

The show starts at 6pm this Friday and runs until 11pm. Be there or be square.

Exhibiting Artists:

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Gabe Re

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Gabe Re is a Denver-based graphic designer currently working for Collective Licensing where he produces graphics for snowboard and skateboard companies. Not a bad gig. I have actually completed several projects for Collective as well. They are wonderful people and Gabe is super talented. He also attended my university which is something that I rarely speak of. I attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney and majored in Visual Communication and Design. Gabe did the same and we received the same militant, typography-heavy, Bauhaus-inspired education that has allowed both of us to continue staying employed. It was an amazing place to go to school and it’s always great to see someone else out there rocking and rolling with the same pedigree.

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Andres Guzman

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Artist and illustrator Andres Guzman has been busy lately and has recently uploaded some wonderful new works to his blog. Originally born in Lima, Peru he spent most of his youth in Denver, Colorado before attending the Minneapolis School of Art and Design to earn a degree in illustration. He’s a talented guy and I would recommend keeping an eye out for him in the future. He has already worked with some big clients. He also has an art exhibition with Justin Renteria Friday Nov. 5th at IndyInk in downtown Denver. The show starts at 7 and runs until 11. You can learn all you need to know about the show at Indyink’s website.

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Bordo Bello 2010

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Well, I first have to apologize for this late post. My friend Elysia Syriac has worked terribly hard this year at putting together this event and it’s going to be a fantastic one at that. Bordo Bello is on tonight (Thursday) at Artwork Network. The exhibition starts at 6pm and goes until 10pm. This year guarantees to be a real showstopper. If you haven’t heard of the event before, it takes place right here (where I am) in Denver, Colorado and features some amazing artists and designers who have used the skateboard as their template. The boards are auctioned off in rounds at the event and the money goes to charity. It’s a great event for a great cause and definitely not something you should miss if you are here in Denver.

I am a big believer in posting the day of the event to bolster last minute attendance (we are minute by minute people when it comes to internet culture after all), so please don’t disappoint me and plan on being there. I will most likely be wearing my glasses with big bags under my eyes since I have been working day and night on projects for the Changethethought creative studio. So if you think you might know who I am, please don’t hesitate to say hello and strike up a conversation. Meeting new people in the community and gathering around really great art is what this is all about.

Changethethought has created a series of 3 boards that we are calling ‘2001: A Skate Odyssey’ that will be auctioned off at this years event. I will post photos after the event. You can catch a little preview above. I will see you there.

Bordo Bello
Thursday September 30th
6pm until 10pm
At the Artwork Network
9th and Santa Fe, Denver, Directions
RSVP early
$15 in advance/$20 at the door

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Josh Holland

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Local Denver/Boulder illustrator Josh Holland has updated with a new site and new work. Josh is a very talented illustrator who has worked with both big clients and big agencies. He’s also an amazingly nice person which always makes things go smoother. Keep an eye out for him as he has just gone freelance leaving his last full time position. I have no doubts he is going to get busy fast.

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