Diftype is the work of a 20 year-old self taught freelance graphic artist based in Umeå, Sweden. He has been working in print, motion and interactive since 2003. Diftype was launched in 2006 as a place to showcase his work and share his creative inspirations with the design community at large.

His work leans a little to the digital end of the dial, which I have been slowly drifting away from in my own work, regardless of the fact that I was almost totally enveloped in that wave from a brief moment. It’s not that I don’t like that kind of work, it’s just that I have found myself returning to my roots, so-to-speak. Despite those leanings, it is impossible not to appreciate the eye for detail in the Diftype’s work. I am sure if it appeared in printed form at high resolution, it would be quite a feast for the eyes.

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