Kilian Eng

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Stockholm based illustrator Kilian Eng updated his Behance-folio once again with more magnificent 70’s/80’s retro-sci-fi-inspired imagery that employs the use of simple line art, imaginative color and even more imaginative scenery. Count me as a fan.

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Kurppa Hosk

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Swedish studio Kurppa Hosk is “an interdisciplinary brand and design consultancy creating attraction.” How great is that? ‘Creating attraction.’ That is a statement that needs to be capitalized on folks. Kurppa has some strong color use of color applied through minimal graphics within their portfolio. It’s classic international typographic style with a pop sentiment.

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Therese+Joel is a Finnish/Swedish photography team known for their cinematic, evokative black and white photographs. Their work has gained a strong following lately and is attracting attention in the fashion world.


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Erik Mansson

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Erik Månsson or Erik M▲nsson as he calls himself at his Flickrfolio is from Norrköping, Sweden where he is making some very interesting collages that make you question his interpretation of the source material and how he magically arrived at the strange final output of his final work.

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Museum Studio: Updates

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Stockholm based Museum Studio updates with a few more of the quirky and somewhat strange projects that you either love them or hate them for (either way they are hard to ignore).

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Jon Noorlander

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Illustrator and motion designer Jon Noorlander was a 2010 PromaxBDA Design World BRONZE winner for the above ident for BT Vision and was also featured in Stash 64. Noorlander has some fantastic work on his reel.

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Martin Nicolausson: Updates

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London based designer/illustrator Martin Nicolausson has updated with some excellent new work including the above surreal landscapes making beautiful use of black and white.

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Diftype: Updates

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Swedish designer/digital illustrator Niklas Lundberg has updated his portfolio with more complex layered digi-visuals. He also now has prints of some of his work available. I am curious how much detail comes through in the physical print. It’s always something akin to magic when you receive a complex digital illustration in a physical print format to see just how much detail is contained within the image.

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Atelje Altmann

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Swedish design studio Ateljé Altmann has a no frills squeaky clean body of graphic design work for print. It’s sharp and classic with a strong emphasis on typography.

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Martin Nicolausson

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Swedish by origin but London based by choice illustrator Martin Nicolausson has a unique style that is somehow soft and gritty all at the same time. Although the works looks as though it may have been digitally finished there is still something tangible, almost graphite-pencil like about the work. It’s a style that has gotten him a lot of attention on creative blogs as of late. Regardless of the illustration attention, Nicolausson view himself first and foremost as a graphic designer and I think you can see that best not through his illustration work but his use of typography.

More please.

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Jenni Porkka

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Stockholm based photographer Jenni Porkka has only been shooting professionally for 2 years but has already amassed an a long client roster including Zink, Kurv, Spex, Hint, Lush, Idoll, Glitterati, Glamcult, SVA, Leve and Fan The Fire just to list a few. It’s easy to see why with her eye for glamor and composition.

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Swedish design and advertising agency Ritator has, as I am sure you can see from above, some very strange and intriguing work in their portfolio. They definitely take a unique approach to each project and it shows clear as day through the thumbnails on their homepage.

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Lundgren Lindqvist

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Lundgren Lindqvist is a bureau sort of. They live, breath, work, talk and love design. That is probably good considering their chosen occupation. They are based out of Gothenburg, Sweden. They believe ‘good design is good business’ and I think that is a pretty damn clever statement right there.

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Stockholm-based design agency, ClapClap have some very nice design and identity work in their collective portfolio. There is some nice use of color happening throughout.

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The recently-formed Stockholm-based photography agency, Sylvie already has some really gorgeous imagery in it’s collective portfolio. Keep your eye on these folks.

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Anders Linden

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Beautifully atmospheric and moody imagery from Swedish photographer Anders Linden. Each image is a window into a dream.

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Diftype: Updates

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Niklas Lundberg emailed this morning to let me know he had updated his portfolio at Diftype. Incredible work, especially considering his age and the fact he is self-taught.

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Johan Scott

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A large archival collection of Stockholm-based painter Johan Scott’s work has been put online for your viewing pleasure and artistic inspiration.

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