Emmanuel Malin left a comment on the blog earlier this week under the name ‘Animatic’ disagreeing with me in that he didn’t think the work of Eesley Eggebrecht was as good as I claimed it was. I left a comment stating that if he had done better work himself to back up his comment by posting a link to where people could see his own work. So he did. And I really liked Emmanuel’s work. The site has an old school Flash preload you have to wait for but once it has launched you can click through the thumbnails to see the work. Malin’s work is heavily influenced by Japanese art but he has his own style and he has produced a large body of imagery. He currently lives and works in Paris and is available for freelance commissions.

Thank you Emmanuel.

UPDATE: Alright well I am going to negate everything I said, the comment left earlier was not actually Emmanuel Malin, it was left as an example of work that was more inspirational. So there goes the notion that for once, a hater was backing up his/her comments with examples of their own work that was better than what they were hating one. Regardless, it was still a pleasure to discover Emmanuel’s work and my hat is still off to his talent.

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