Obery Nicolas

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There are some absolutely wild black and white digital collages in the Behance portfolio of French designer and illustrator Obery Nicolas. The imagery is very interesting and different from a lot of what I’ve seen lately.

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Jeanti is an illustrator living and working in Paris (how nice). There’s a kind of 80’s airbrushed kind of thing happing in Jeanti’s work that makes for an extra sugary bit of eye candy.

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Le Carnet Noir

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Le Carnet Noir is the conceptual container of Nacho Ormaechea, freelance Art Director and Graphic Designer working in Paris. There is a notion of escaping through the mind during the daily reality that we sometimes have to suffer through.

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Tyrsa: Updates

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Tyrsa‘ is Alexis Taieb. He is based in Paris, France and the way he exhibits his talents on his latest website says as much about the creative lifestyle as it does about his project work.

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Lucas Noguera

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Lucas Nogueran is a Paris based illustrator and designer with a regularly updated blog of highly imaginative and artistic imagery drawing influences from street culture to skateboarding.

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The Parisian studio Pool which is headed by Léa Padovani & Sébastien Kieffer is responsible for the extremely simple yet wonderfully smart chair above. I don’t think they are for sale yet or have been mass produced but if they are, I must have one immediately.

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Graphic Travelling

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Self-taught illustrator François Leroy is from Paris. Although he shares a love for more traditional forms of art he has found real passion in digital illustration. You can see his work at Graphic Travelling.

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SF to Paris in 2 Minutes

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I shot a photo roughly every two miles between take-off in San Francisco and landing in Paris CDG to make this airplane time lapse.”

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Shera is the alias of illustrator and painter Julien Tran-Dinh who lives and works in Paris, France. Pop art, Disney, rock and fashion have been stewed together in a violent, sexy and predominately black and white pen and ink apocalyptic mix.

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Xavier Encinas: Updates

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Xavier Encinas Studio based in Paris has updated with several new projects that feature a genuine knack for making print haute.

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Philippe Constantinesco founded Zurich29 with Dorian Gourg (art directors studio, motion & static designers) and has been pursuiing his career in Paris since 2006. Faunesque is his personal portfolio of illustration and photography.

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Lars Botten

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Lars Botten is primarily, well he is a fashion photographer but he is more dimensional than that. Not only does he have an amazing eye for his beautiful subjects, that eye occasionally wanders and captures the surrounding environment with just as much artistic care and consideration.

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Ill-Studio: Updates

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Paris based multidisciplinary design platform Ill-Studio has updated their website with several new works for clients like Uniqlo and Nike. They have continued doing some excellent and clean work that suggests a stylistic approach but changes according to the solution desired for the project and the client.

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Coco: Updates

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French fashionista illustrator Coco has updated her website with more glamorous examples of her unique style. Coco has been at it for a while and has continued to stay at the top of her game with a hand-crafted fashion first positioning that is now often imitated.

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Paris-born designer Alexandre Nacache received a diploma from Créapole with honors, and has since become an Art Director at Euro RSCG. He has some nice design work in his book and still freelances from time to time.

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A Day in Paris

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A Day in Paris is a short film by Benoît MILLOT that composites some amazing 3D over live action. It’s a fun little film and the amount of work required to create such a seamless effect on behalf of Millot must have been intensely draining. You have to admire his commitment to craft.

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OFFF Paris 2010 Titles

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The Mill produced the titles this year for the OFFF Festival in Paris. Gorgeous work and I would give my right art to attend one of the shows in the future. I am hoping to soon.

Full credits:

The Mill NY:
Jeff Stevens – Design Director
Kim Dulaney – Designer
Rob Petrie – CG Lead
Boo Wong – Senior Producer
Moss Levenson – Editor
Fall on Your Sword – Music
Henryboy – Sound Design
Weston Fonger – Sound Mix

Tom Bardwell, Ian Brauner, Jeffrey Dates, Tony Jung, Christopher Kujawa, Michael Panov, Joshua Merck, Ruben Vanderbroek, James Williams and Stanislav Ilin

Emmett Dzieza, Marco Giampolo, Melissa Graff, Bashir Hamid, Lu Lin, Gigi Ng, Doug Purver, Jeff Robins, Gap Yossanun, Tim Haldeen and Brian Sensebe

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Veronique Meignaud: Updates

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French illustrator Véronique Meignaud aka Marmotte has been extremely busy and has continued to update her unusual portfolio with even more colorful and imaginative works. I am becoming a big fan of her particular style of illustration and the ‘weirder’ she gets the better her portfolio is. Some of her recent works are nothing short of stunning.

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