This is the latest video for Major Lazer’s new single ‘Keep It Goin’ Louder’.

Here is a little extra background I received about the making of the video:
“Jason Miller directed the live action out in the states and sent across all the raw footage, Ferry, who has done all the illustration so far for Major Lazer got in touch, and together we completed the animation at Trunk. The look of the video was inspired by those washed out horror movies you used to sit and watch time and time again on VHS, so the footage and animation were composited with this in mind, and then de-saturated in the grade.”

Directed by Ferry Gouw
Live Action Director- Jason Miller
Producer- Richard Barnett
Technical Director- Layla Atkinson
Production- Trunk Animation
Animation- Ferry Gouw, Pedro Lino, Aaron Lampert, Steve Smith, Sarah Wickens

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