The new May 1st Reboot website has launched along with this years competition.

May 1st Reboot has been around for 8 solid years now and has become a bit of a phenomenon in the Web Design community. Their new website is online now and open for entries.

If you have never heard of Reboot, it is an interesting experiment in how the creative community communicates globally now with the invention of the internet. The ‘event’ which is a better term to describe what May 1st Reboot is than competition, starts on the eve of April 25th. Participants are asked to shut down their website and put up their ‘Reboot Holder’. According to the Reboot crew, this is important in drawing attention to the even and making it distinctive. A momentary pause followed by a resurgence of new material and creative experimentation by a global collective of participants.

The actual Reboot happens at 2PM GMT. The precision of the timing is key as it shows the singularity of the event occurring across the unrestricted plane of the internet in a single instant.

It’s an interesting concept and always a fun ‘happening’ to watch year after year. If you are working on a site redesign or need one, then you should look into it and participate. If anything, to feel like you are a part of something larger and potentially make contact with your peers floating in the internet ether.

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