Legwork: 2012 Reel

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My friends at Legwork have released their latest reel for 2012 and it’s chock full of whoop ass. I had a chance of working with these guys maybe 4-5 years back just as they were very first starting out and turned down the chance. I’ve been kicking myself ever since. They continue to amaze me with the kind of work they are continually putting out and their star is fast on the rise here in Denver. All of it is deserved though because they work their asses off. Keep it up guys. I’ve got nothing but love.

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Ian Coyle: Field Notes

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I stumbled across the ‘Field Notes’ of Ian Coyle today and was thoroughly impressed by his work. Ian used to live here in Denver and was a partner at the now defunct web agency FL2. Since then he has relocated to Oregon and he has continued to do some great work since he’s been out there which you can see through his field notes.

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Sexperience 1000

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Go take the Sexperience 1000 and find out what exactly the British are up to when they are getting down under the covers. There are some curious factoids revealed and it’s all done in a fun way.

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Hellohikimori: Updates

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French web, design and animation studio Hellohikimori has updated with another in your face website featuring jarring music and kick ass project work. They are loud, proud and unafraid to go all out when it comes to color. Their stance is attracting some big clients lately and it’s great to see them doing so well.

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Brand New (Website) School

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Longstanding pillar of motion design and 3D goodness, Brand New School has officially announced the release of their new website. It’s crispy and fresh as to be expected. The site employs Linked by Air and is only the fourth installation of Economy, Linked by Air’s modular content management system. A few key features were added that allow all BNS creatives to add their own personal “Bits” or images from recent projects. Another added feature allows for the background to be changed at any time.

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Sagmeister Inc.

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Famed design personality Stefan Sagmeister has updated with a brand spanking new website just before the new year’s bells begin to chime. The site itself features a home page that shows and an overhead view of his rather cramped workspace that updates once every minute. No studio nudity so far although I am sure some is to be expected or at least some X-acto blade self mutilation. One can only hope.

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Not to Scale

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Motion/Direction agency Not to Scale has relaunched their website and it’s an excellent example of how to keep a site simple but make it interesting via color and placement. It does a great job at showcasing the work of their top directors and it makes sorting through the content fun.

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Brazilian design agency Pianofuzz sent in a link to their interesting work that lives within an equally interesting website. I am not entirely sure, to be totally honest, if I like their website but it is different and in a way makes you more curious about who they are and what they do.

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Shotopop: Updates

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London based studio Shotopop has updated both their website and portfolio with some exciting new work. Shotopop works out of a shipping container on the shore of the river Thames. They definitely position themselves in a unique fashion and I could see how working out of a shipping container would influence that mindset.

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Joyengine Relaunch

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My Boulder based friends at Cypher 13 have relaunched their blog Joyengine. There are several options for viewing the content and they have opted for a clean and crisp design this go round along with a new logo treatment. They also have some new work in their portfolio worth looking into. Their packaging for Olade beverages and design for the Biennial of the Americas collateral are particularly sharp. The site is looking sharp boys. Congratulations.

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De 1 Up

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Umm, geez what to say about the website ‘De 1 Up‘ other than Brazil is totally awesome and just start clicking around for what can only be described as a brain-jarring acid flashback for what I guess is a promotion for toothpaste?

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New Friends With You

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Creative think tank and all around experimental explorers Friends With You recently updated their site. The site was built by Boulder, Colorado’s Quick Left and has a number of notable upgrades including an expanded storefront. The site presents a rich interactive experience without utilizing Flash and apparently offers up a dummy-proof CMS system that gives Friends With You the hassle-free ability to update content whenever they like. It’s a lot like what I am aiming for with the development of my new site.

More via The Denver Egotist.

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Changethethought Seeking Developer

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We are currently ready for the next phase of Changethethought and are seeking to partner with a developer for relaunch of our website. We have a reasonable budget for the project but want to put a new and different kind of blog on the web as well as extending the look and reach of our creative portfolio. We will be contacting potential developers to work with privately as well. However, we feel there is a unique opportunity here to ask our audience, who are comprised of some of the brightest minds in the creative industry if they would like to work with us on the new site. We can guarantee a high level of exposure as well as the promise of producing something that will be noticed for years to come. We intend to continue running the website on the WordPress platform but are seeking to work with someone who can integrate key commands and jQuery into our new design. We will help drive the design but see this relationship as a creative partnership. You will have insight into the creative process and design as well as developing the final site. This is a chance to try something new that you haven’t had the chance to do for your corporate clients. Our website is the single most important aspect of our growth and is of the utmost importance to us. If you or someone you know might be right for this project please email us through our contact section. Please note, we are not asking for free work here. This is a paying project.

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Socio Design

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Socio Design just emailed that they have posted new work in their updated website and it looks stunning. Socio Design is a London-based design consultancy specializing in graphic design, web design, art direction and branding. Their new site is clean and smooth and also stocked with equally clean and smooth portfolio work. Top notch all around. I was very pleased to get the email this morning. It sparked my inspiration for the day.

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Agencynet: Relaunch

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My old friends at Agency Net have burned even more midnight oil than usual to launch a new and spectacular version of their website that now also features a view of their Manhattan office. I was there a year back or so working on the last version of Own Your C and just had the time of my life. They were responsible for co-concepting, designing and developing both versions of Own Your C. It’s a tough thing to materialize something from a concept thrown at you by and ad agency but they managed to do it brilliantly every time we called them. I can’t say enough good things about them and their staff. I made some real friends there and the owner and founder, Rich is one of the more inspiring and motivated people I have met in my life. They pour their hearts into every project they take on and take their work extremely serious scrutinizing every last detail. I wish desperately that I will have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. They are wonderful people from top to bottom (NYC all the way down to Fort Lauderdale). Hey Agencynet, give me a ring. I miss you.

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FWA: Relaunch

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Rob Ford has relaunched an entirely new version of the Favourite Website Awards. The newest version focuses on the latest nominee and reduces some of the visual clutter from the last iteration of the site. The site itself is good enough to make FWA only it can’t because that would be some kind of crazy paradox in the internet space time continuum that could result in a butterfly effect.

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Amsterdam-based digital agency Momkai has worked for some big-named clients. It is easy to see why just by the slick presentation of their work alone. They have some excellent examples of digital design in their portfolio and browsing it is a joy in and of itself.

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Jason Tozer

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Photographer Jason Tozer has a new website featuring new work. The other noteworthy press-bit is that the site was designed by Build and you can definitely see the typographical influence the moment the page loads.

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