This song is actually the ringtone on my phone now and has been for a while. I didn’t even realize there was a video out for this and has been for a long time.

I gotta just come out with it and say straight up that I love this band. They feel like the first genuine return of 60’s acid culture, and I have been praying for the day that would come back. Nothing would fly more in the face of the mounting debt, suppressing fear and flat out lies we are being fed by our politicians and corporations. There is something earnest about just admitting outwardly that we all know the system is corrupt and failing, so we should all just love each other and have a good time. Sure it’s irresponsible, but damn it all if it doesn’t just feel right, and isn’t that the essence of the true rebellious spirit that attracts us to rock n’ roll?

Drink that moon juice and rock on into the cosmos MGMT. You got my love waves to help carry you.

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