All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

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Motion Designer/Animator Ned Wenlock’s developed custom typography to narrate and guide the viewer through the music video for MGMT’s latest single ‘All We Ever Wanted Was Everything’. The song itself is a Bauhaus cover and comes from MGMT’s Late Night Tales album. As great as the song and the video is, I can tell you personally that the album is even better. It is by far my most favorite album this year and consists of artists covers curated by MGMT (both the artists and the songs). There are some absolutely fantastic songs on the album and as a whole it’s quite possibly the most consistent play from start to finish of any album I have purchased so far this year. What a dream project this must have been for Ned Wenlock who shares some insight into his process at Motionographer. I would give my right arm to animate a video for MGMT.

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MGMT – Congratulations

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Alright, this will be pulled within the next 36-72 hours since it’s not an official release from MGMT’s record label but the psychedelic rockers have put out this super trippy new video. It’s the best song on their new album by far in my opinion so I was pleased to see they produced a video for it. Enjoy it while you can, I will pull the post after the video goes down but repost after their is a more official release.

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MGMT – Its Working

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Everyone knows I am a huge MGMT fan so I just have to post this recent video for the single “It’s Working” off of their recent album directed by So Me. I went to see them last week at Red Rocks and it started raining cats and dogs. I was seriously worried about my wife’s health and proving that chivalry is not dead decided we needed to bolt. So unfortunately I did not even get to see them play a single lick on their guitars. It was a huge disappointment. I had tickets the same weekend to U2 and that show was canceled because of Bono’s back surgery. Bummer of a weekend for music but my admiration for MGMT remains strong and I will see them perform sometime in the future.

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MGMT – Kids

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MGMT (Make Great Music Together) has released it’s official video for the wildly popular track ‘Kids’. The song has been all over the place, so chances are you have heard it already. That does not stop the video, however from being mildly offensive and questionable. Damn I love this band. I hope their sophomore album is good.

Via the still going strong, Surfstation.

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MGMT – Electric Feel

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This song is actually the ringtone on my phone now and has been for a while. I didn’t even realize there was a video out for this and has been for a long time.

I gotta just come out with it and say straight up that I love this band. They feel like the first genuine return of 60’s acid culture, and I have been praying for the day that would come back. Nothing would fly more in the face of the mounting debt, suppressing fear and flat out lies we are being fed by our politicians and corporations. There is something earnest about just admitting outwardly that we all know the system is corrupt and failing, so we should all just love each other and have a good time. Sure it’s irresponsible, but damn it all if it doesn’t just feel right, and isn’t that the essence of the true rebellious spirit that attracts us to rock n’ roll?

Drink that moon juice and rock on into the cosmos MGMT. You got my love waves to help carry you.

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MGMT: Time To Pretend

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Goddamnit I love this fucking song. It makes me want to jump off of someone’s roof into a swimming pool. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this on a trip to New York last week. I have no idea why I haven’t heard this gem yet. I think it is because I have been doing nothing but working my ass off for the last year or so. But man, am I glad I heard this diddy. I just can’t stop listening to it. It just kicks ass pure and simple. It makes me want to kick a door down and smash a guitar into a floor. Awesome.

Honestly, this song is without a doubt the high water mark on the MGMT album Oracular Spectacular. It is a very high water mark however. I am a lyrics man, since I used to write them and did my best at being a lead singer in a band or two when I was a young pup, and damnit it all to hell if I don’t just love the vicious unrepentant rock anthem lyrics in this song.

Don’t get me wrong there are some other tasty licks on this album but this one just turns my crank. Hard.

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