Wow, I gotta lay down some memories here because the flickr-folio of Carlos who also has a site called Miami Fever brought back so damned many visions of that city it hit me like a wave. I lived in Miami for a year and it has to be one of the hardest, craziest most surreal years of my life. That city is wild. It’s harsh, it’s beautiful, it’s sexy, it’s cruel, it’s illegal, it’s fun, it’s evil humid, it’s stinky sweet, it’s mean, and it is hotter than hell almost all year long. You can’t escape the heat either because of the humidity. You adapt after a while and your skin and hair look great but coming from Colorado it was a rough adaptation.

There are some of the most amazingly beautiful women you have ever dreamed of in your life there. The humidity is choking even at night and there are always rings around the street lights and cockroaches scurrying in the gutter. There are silicone boobs, wannabe rappers and sixpacks everywhere you look on Miami Beach and a good mojito is going to cost you at least 12 bucks. You can have some of the best times you have ever imagined and then the next second have a bloody lip lying on the floor in detox. I made shit money there, but had some amazing times. Denver is a lot more easy living but there was a desperate beauty about Miami that (sorry to sound corny, but it is absolutely true) still haunts my dreams.

You can really get a sense of all that at Miami Fever. You can almost feel it and smell it.

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