There are some nice updates at Midwest is Best, internet home base for quintessential Brooklyn hipster artist/illustrator/designer, Mike Perry. Mike has worked primarily in the hand drawn collage style for some time now. Early in his career, he worked with Urban Outfitters and was in part responsible for making UO synonymous with what I guess you could only really describe as the ‘hipster’ art and design movement. Regardless of what anyone might think of the trend itself, it is nearly impossible to not like his work. It is imbued with a human warmth that makes it so friendly you want to give it a hug. His recent skate decks for Zoo York really caught my eye. I absolutely love the colors and the every so slight Zoo York logo screened in the background is done with tasteful subtlety. It’s a very well accomplished project and it’s only the tip of the iceberg in his personal collection of great art and design.

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