Sam Weber is Amazing

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He’s updated his portfolio yet again with dark and glorious imagery. The guy is such an inspiration. His work continues to be spectacular and no that is not an exaggeration.

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Kyle Stecker

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Kyle Stecker has some fun, kinetic and pop-infused illustrations in his ever-growing body of work. He is currently based out of Brooklyn, New York and is accepting commissions.

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Friends: Friend Crush

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Friends is another ‘newish’ band I have taken an interest in. Based out of Brooklyn, their echoing throwback sound is instantaneously catchy and recognizable in a good way. I am not entirely sure if they have released an EP or feature length but I’d love to know if there is more out there. If you’ve got any more information about the band, please drop some links in the comments.


Directed by Matthew Caron
Edited by Matthew Caron and Samantha Urbani
Photography by Matthew Caron and Chris Person
VFX Artist – Aaron Katsnelson
On Set Photographer – Ursula Mann

Also featuring: Amy Jenkins, Jessica JV Reid, Gillian Zargorski and Elan Fraser

Special Thanks: Market Hotel, Aurora Halal, Mary Katherine Youngblood, Gianina Jiminez Barrantes and Etienne Pierre Duguay

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Salvation Design: Updates

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Salvatore Della’Quila has been busy this past year and updated his portfolio accordingly. I am impressed by the breadth of his ability and how he is able to crank out tight illustration work, slick and colorful vector art and bang out great motion boards. Good stuff. My Partner and Executive Creative Director dropped in on him in his studio during a visit to New York and proclaimed that not only is he talented, he’s a super cool dude. So there that is too.

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Eric Frommelt

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“I’m a Youngstown, Ohio born – Brooklyn, New York based artist and designer.

My work explores the idea of networks and systems through the synthesis of fundamental design elements, geometry and abstraction. I’m obsessed with technology, maps, data visualizations, information graphics, technical diagrams, infrastructure, architecture and complexity – all of which informs my work.”
It’s always interesting to see a designer who sticks to a point of view and Eric Frommelt definitely does. It’s like looking at imaginary data visualization posing as digitally produced abstract expressionism. Hmm…to file under ‘art’ or ‘graphic design’?

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8 Hours in Brooklyn

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All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used in part w/ a series of spots we are directing/producing which will be released sometime in the near future.

Check out our blog for more info:

Director/Cinematographer: Jonathan Bregel
Color Grade: Khalid Mohtaseb
Production NGAFers: Dan Selby, Jesse Korman, Chris Dowsett
Executive Producer: James Douglas
Production Company: Next Level Pictures

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Two Arms Inc: Updates

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Brooklyn-based silkscreen poster and graphic design studio Two Arms Inc, have updated with some excellent posters for some excellent bands like Ra Ra Riot.

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Jamie Givens

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Brooklyn-based illustrator Jamie Givens is cranking out some excellent colorized drawings for some local Colorado trade publications like Rock and Ice and Climbing Magazine. He took a brief hiatus a few years back to join the Peace Corps which no doubt enriched both his life and his illustration work.

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Triboro Design Solutions

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Triboro is a design studio located in Brooklyn and consists of the husband and wife team of David Heasty and Stefanie Weigler. They have just relaunched their website where you will find a healthy portfolio of very well executed design project work.

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Ready Set Internet

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Brooklyn based graphic designer/illustrator Damien Correll has had his work posted on this blog before but I don’t know if his Flickr-folio has ever been posted. It needs to be because it is updated much more frequently than his website and features some colorful, accessible and beautiful design and print work. I am a big fan of the above poster for a Nike’s All for One exhibition using a great color palette.

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Paul Isabella

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Brooklyn-based designer Paul Isabella is very talented. He is one of those rare creative talents that possesses the unique ability to move seamlessly from something like graphic design into furniture design and fabrication without losing any of his craft. His work in both veins is equally inspiring and I would gladly hang a patterned print from him in my studio while sitting comfortably in one of his beautiful chairs.

I just returned from a trip to Brooklyn and walked through some of the areas where a lot of young designers and artists are taking up residence. It’s an exciting place to be and there is definitely a universal creative hive mind happening there that is causing some amazing work to come out of that area.

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Sam Weber: Updates

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I am just going to come out with it and say that Sam Weber is probably my favorite if not one of my most favorite illustrators out there today. His work not only inspires me but just connects with me on some deeper level. I just think the things he creates are totally beautiful.

He just moved into a new work space in Brooklyn and is looking for a couple of people to share the space with him. He also has some new, and as always remarkable work in his portfolio. He continues to be a huge inspiration.

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Noah Kalina: Updates

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I wrote about the work of photographer Noah Kalina a few months ago. Since then he has updated his Flickr-folio (just last week actually) with some new imagery. Kalina is a rare talent who feels equally at home with a camera positioned in front of both a fashion model or a contemplative landscape. He manages to tell a story or suggest one with every image engaging the viewer at every turn. He’s also not afraid to post his imagery in large formats where you can not only appreciate it at scale but possibly even print one out for yourself to hang on a wall in your studio.

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Salvation Design: Updates

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Brooklyn based freelance artist & designer Salvatore Dell’Aquila aka Salvation Design sent word about a recent cover he illustrated for Computer Arts UK. It turned out pretty slick and is definitely some sweet eye candy. Salvatore has kept himself busy and continues to update his portfolio on a fairly regular basis.

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Forest is the multi-purpose studio of Joel Speasmaker, located in Brooklyn, New York, working in the areas of graphic design, art direction, publishing, branding, web design & development, illustration, and various curatorial projects. Joel previously published The Drama magazine, served as art director for Anthem magazine and was comics editor for Swindle. Currently he self-publishes The Small Book series, and contributes Think Faest by Forest for Faesthetic magazine.”

Joel has some exceptional typography and branding work in his portfolio and has made a friend out of some very timely and watchable brands.

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Koren Shadmi

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Illustrator Koren Shadmi lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and if I could be so bold I recommend checking out Sadmi’s personal work.

What do you think the odds are that if you threw a rock into a crowd in Brooklyn it would hit a designer, artist or illustrator?

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Blood Today

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I am intrigued by the art work in the Flickr-folio of ‘Blood Today‘. The artist originally hails from Oakland, California but currently resides in Brooklyn.

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Peter Yang

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Photographer Peter Yang captures up-close-and-personal images of rockstars and celebrities. He resides in Brooklyn but hails for Texas. He is a regular contributor to Rolling Stone, ESPN Magazine and Wired, among numerous othere. His work has been recognized by American Photography and Communication Arts. He claims he gets to photograph his highly-desired subjects by being a nice unassuming guy.

The above photo of Jerry Robinson (the creator of the character The Joker) is fantastic.

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