Miss Bugs is actually a team of two comprised of one girl and one boy. There mishmash work combines imagery from popular culture with references to street culture and graffiti. They approach their imagery graphically, using collage, stencil, silk-screen and anything else they can get their hands on. The two artists are originally from Bristol and Wales but moved to London in 2001 where they have slowly emerged as heavy hitters in the street art and graffiti scene.

I was quite taken by their work, but it is sure to stir controversy amongst artists and creatives as it again uses preexisting imagery and art similar to the approach taken by artists like Shepard Fairey. I do think some of the work from Miss Bugs is much more original though and more akin to a streetwise version of Andy Warhol. You can read an anonymous (they keep with the Banksy theory) interview with the artists at Juxtapoz as well.

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