Un.titled: Updates

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At this point you could call Un.titled a ‘classic’ contemporary graphic design firm.

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The Pub

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The Pub from Joseph Pierce on Vimeo.

“A day caught up in the murky slipstream of a North London pub.”

A 59 productions Film. 59productions.co.uk/
Featuring Aneta Piotrowska
Written and Directed by Joseph Pierce
Produced by Mark Grimmer
Sound by Dominic Fitzgerald
Edited by Robbie Morrison
Cinematography by Vanessa Whyte
Music by Blair Mowat
For full list of credits go to: 59productions.co.uk/project/the_pub


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Studio Blup: Updates

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Last but not least on this fine Friday is the updated websites and works of Studio Blup in London. There are some excellent new projects in the updated portfolio.

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I Love Dust Yet Again

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I love Dust was recently in touch to let me know that they updated their portfolio in a big way with a wealth of new design, illustration and animation work. They continue to inspire and know that my love for them guarantees a post. Oh how I wish I was across the pond so I could knock on their door and try to see if they’d take in a wayward designer/illustrator like me.

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Yes Studio: Updates

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Yes has updated after a very long time and of course every click is rewarded with highly considered and beautiful work. They continue to inspire.

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Tappin Gofton: Updates

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The esteemed London-based design firm Tappin Gofton has updated their already immaculate portfolio with more slick, beautiful and highly inspirational project work.

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Anck is the work of Renaud Futterer. He is a motion designer who recently relocated to London and is on the hunt for new projects. Judging by his reel, it probably won’t take him long to get busy.

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Ross Gunter

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Ross Gunter currently works as a designer for Popcorn in east London. He has amassed a simple but considered body of design work and will no doubt continue to do in the future.

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Fires Over London

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Itdrewitself created this timelapse video showing the fires over London after the riots that erupted last week. I have to say that what happened shocked me. I have been thinking of going to England for a week or so this fall just because I enjoyed the time I spent there so much last time I visited. It saddens me to see that the disparity between rich and poor, the uncertainty about the future and the dismal state of the Western economy has inspired the youth to behave so violently. I am surprised something like this hasn’t happened yet in the U.S. Time magazine has already released a cover with the headline ‘The Decline and Fall of Europe”. I hope that isn’t what we are witnessing. I think it’s getting harder to hide the truth that money, economy and trading is all based on a broad assumption of acceptance and agreement in the belief of an orderly system. Intrinsically we all know money has no real value except what value people agree that it has. Maybe the reality is just finally becoming too difficult to uphold and it’s time for a new reality. One thing is for certain the wealth gap has become a real problem and someone has to answer for it. You can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all the people all the time.

In the meantime, our hearts go out to those that are so angry that they decided to behave in such a manner and our thoughts go equally with those who were injured and robbed. Unfortunately it seems that the anger is once again misdirected and those who should really answer for the current state of affairs are still avoiding justice while we fight amongst ourselves.

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Studio Blup: Updates

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Studio Blup in London has recently posted a flurry of new work primarily consisting of digital illustrations for editorial. They also posted some fun interviews with different designers and illustrators from their trip to this year’s OFFF event in Barcelona.

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Studio Output: Updates

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Studio Output has updated their portfolio and website with some inspiring new work that stretches across multiple mediums for some notable clients. The word above goes far in describing the work in their freshly updated book.

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We Are Seventeen

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London based motion design agency We Are Seventeen have done some amazing work. You can see several examples in their portfolio for a wealth of big named clients. Keep an eye on this studio.

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Ruben Ireland: Updates

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London based illustrator Ruben Ireland uses ink, dirty water, acrylic, weathered paper, a wacom tablet and Photoshop to create his lyrical illustrations. Strangely enough after employing all of this media his work retains an almost vector-like quality. His images are very clean and stylistic but his subject matter is often playful. He has recently updated his portfolio.

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Ricardo Fumanal: Updates

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Illustrator Ricardo Fumanal updates with some beautifully rendered new illustration work primarily for fashion based clients. His work is smooth as butter and stunning to behold which makes the application for fashion a perfect match.

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Sam and Sam

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Sam & Sam is a London based production company who are focusing on smaller budget projects for web-based film projects which they shoot on digital DSLR. One of their first projects is an interview with illustrator Jake Blanchard who talks about his latest exhibition, Hylozoism, and reflects on the life of a freelance illustrator.

It’s a smart positioning that Sam and Sam are taking up and our studio at Changethethought have actually been pitching the same kind of project work lately.

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Adam Spizak

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London based illustrator Adam Spizak makes some flat out crazy shi*. His use of digital illustration and what looks like potential drawings that are later treated almost as photos to produce high-energy and vividly colorful images is inspiring. You can view his work at both his Behance and personal website.

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OK-RM is a London based design studio founded in 2008 by Oliver Knight & Rory McGrath. They have a very understated but strong body of classic graphic design work for editorial represented in their portfolio.

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We Are Seventeen

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London- based motion design studio We Are Seventeen are cranking out some wild work using both graphics and 3D for a wide variety of big-name clients.

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