As you can see, I redesigned the poster last night. This time I decided to make it less about the typography and more about Buckminster Fuller. I wanted to better unify the marriage between the organic and the geometric, since I think that says a lot about what Fuller himself accomplished, especially with the geodesic dome. I actually think it works better than the last poster and serves as a better commemoration of Fuller. Ironically, by making the type smaller but centering it in the circle above the image of Fuller gives it more brevity and buries it deeper in memory. I decided not to do any erosion edging to the poster as well because it kind of impedes on the integrity of the geometry. I think I am going to print this leaving the white border as well so when it is framed, there will be a nice border around it if someone wants to center it with a black matte. Again if I print it, I will also probably use a heavier white stock. Anyway, its a done deal now and is going back in the book.

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