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I just put 2 new posters in the print section of the site. They were both created by recycling some old graphics. I am trying to get back to my schooling a little bit and simplify my approach to my graphic design work. I am still working on some new illustrations as well. I also just had some really nice business cards printed last week that were letterpressed with holographic foil. The design of the cards is very simple but the the subtle combination of the black rubberized paper and foil really turned out much nicer than I had even expected. I will post some pictures next week. Stay tuned for more. There are a lot of plans in the works yet this year and Changethethought will most likely look much different next year. I also wanted to thank all of the people who have been sending in emails of their work. There has been some really amazing people emailing in lately and that has been really exciting. Thank you.

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By the way, yes I do have a Dropular account that I occasionally post to. It is really a great little application that makes it super easy to post to and I do try to put a few things up there now and again that I don’t always put on Changethethought.

I keep forgetting to mention it but if you have any interest you can follow me here. Furthermore, if you haven’t yet visited Dropular, it is worth a browse now and again for a laugh, dose of inspiration or just a little visual stimulation.

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Changethethought – Back Online

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Well, I am officially back in the all-too-stressful and fearful United States of America. It is always a breath of fresh air to visit a part of the world, in my case Brazil, where there are numerous people who have never owned a computer and probably will never even look at the internet. The major difference I notice now when traveling to Brazil is how much the U.S. has changed in the last 10 years. I have been traveling to Brazil for a decade now and it’s just amazes me how much of a downturn the U.S. has taken. Right off when you board the first full Brazilian airline bound for Brazil, you are greeted graciously, treated like royalty, allowed to order any beverage, including alcohol at any time during your flight and you are served something to eat on every single flight. They start the flight by walking down the aisle and handing out caramels. It sounds hard to believe when you spend a lot of time flying in the states where you are practically strip searched and harassed at every turn in the airport only to be treated like dogshit by the flight attendants once you finally get the chance to board your plane. I was called sir by every Brazilian airline steward and asked things like, ‘Sir, would you like another drink?’ When I was back in the states I was asked, ‘Hey, want somethin’ to drink? and, ‘Want some water?’ Also when I was leaving the plane the American stewardess, said (and I couldn’t make this up if I tried), ‘See ya later.’

I was also harassed by customs because apparently I am on the bullshit list they have now of people they like to harass and then they rummaged through my wife and I’s luggage for about 15 minutes throwing the contents aside and then telling us to repack it when we were done. This was all after flying through Brazil and overnight for around 12 hours before we reached the U.S. I just couldn’t believe it. It made me sick. I wanted to turn around and go right back to Brazil. What has happened in this country? Have we become so afraid that we actually expect to be treated like this? I don’t see how this is freedom anymore and how we can even pretend that it is. Don’t get me wrong, Brazil has it’s share of serious problems. The crime is awful and there is real poverty there. I guess after growing up in an altogether different version of the United States, I just find this new one unfriendly and difficult to adjust to. I wish the fearmongering and the harassment would stop. It doesn’t feel like after a lifetime of incredibly hard work and paying taxes without ever asking where that money is going, that someone should be treated so inhospitably. Especially when this is your home.

Anyway, off my soapbox for now. I was happy to get back to blogging again and the Democratic National Convention is underway here in Denver and it is really exciting. I am selling large format Obama posters here all week and you can also buy them at the Manifest Hope show at the Andenken Gallery. I was there today and finally had the chance to meet and converse with Shepard Fairey. He is a truly nice person and I was really happy to learn that. He was very gracious and is absolutely respectful to his fans. It is always nice to meet someone you look up to and learn they are a nice person.

I did have a little time to create some new experimental illustrations that you can find in the Illustration section of the site. You can see one of my latest creations above this post. You will also notice images of the posters now on sale in the online storefront below the sideblog. Thank you sincerely for those of you who have purchased posters, it helps keep the blog running.

I hope all is well for you out there and I am glad to be back communing with you all again. Thank you so much for reading and supporting the blog. Also thank you so much for my bloggers for holding it down in my absence.

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Seeking New Bloggers

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Changethethought is currently seeking new authors for the blog. If you are an artist, designer, musician, filmmaker, art director, creative director, fashion designer, motion graphics designer, web designer or all around design guru who has an interest in sharing your knowledge with the world, please send an email to hire [at] changethethought dot com along with your name, the city and country you would be writing from, 3 news items you would post to Changethethought and a link to your website and/or portfolio.

If you do not want to send an email directly, you can also use the contact form currently on our website.

You are welcome to be open, honest and express your opinions here at Changethethought. We hope to hear from you soon.

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Changethethought – New Work

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I posted a short series I did in the personal section of the site. I usually try to do short series of art or illustrations throughout the year just to try my hand at different styles and flex my brain a little.

I have a few leads on projects but I am still seeking freelance opportunity and artistic representation as well. Please contact me if you are interested.

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Changethethought: We Not Me

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I made this very late last night. It has been an ongoing effort of mine, both with this blog and in my life, to try to help facilitate a more open culture and dialogue between not only creatives, but people, specifically young people, in general. We are suffering from a me-me-me, survival of the fittest mentality in the United States that is slowly eroding our integrity abroad and whittling away at our relationships both with each other and our brothers and sisters abroad. I know something so miniscule as creating a poster doesn’t exactly help to shift this paradigm, but it is an immediate form of creative that I am capable of, and at least can help to create a somewhat memorable typographic image that can help burn something simple and iconic into memory. That was what I was thinking when I created this poster last night very late before sleep. I think we are forsaking style right now for message and we need to remember that it is about communication. We have to do all we can to make things better, in whatever way we can.

With that said, I was fairly pleased with how the poster came out and felt that it was the message that was the most important. I hope you dig it. If you don’t, that’s fine too. We are all cut from a different stone and that is what makes life so great. Regardless, please know that I sincerely believe it is going to take us all, being totally transparent and honest with one another, to change the world we live in now and make it somewhere that we can remain in the future. We need eachother to do this and expressing this creatively is a small and subtle psychological way that we can help move the needle on the culture dial towards the proper direction. I encourage you to do the same.

I also wanted to thank all of you for reading the blog. Good comments and bad, it is a growing experience everyday and it has been really exciting and fun engaging with you day after day. The internet is an amazing tool, and I do think it will play an important part in our future in allowing us to speak to eachother, honestly, despite our derailed leadership. I think we can find a way, together to take this world back and make it better. I really do.

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New & Improved Bucky Fuller Poster

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As you can see, I redesigned the poster last night. This time I decided to make it less about the typography and more about Buckminster Fuller. I wanted to better unify the marriage between the organic and the geometric, since I think that says a lot about what Fuller himself accomplished, especially with the geodesic dome. I actually think it works better than the last poster and serves as a better commemoration of Fuller. Ironically, by making the type smaller but centering it in the circle above the image of Fuller gives it more brevity and buries it deeper in memory. I decided not to do any erosion edging to the poster as well because it kind of impedes on the integrity of the geometry. I think I am going to print this leaving the white border as well so when it is framed, there will be a nice border around it if someone wants to center it with a black matte. Again if I print it, I will also probably use a heavier white stock. Anyway, its a done deal now and is going back in the book.

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Advertise On Changethethought

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Changethethought is currently seeking sponsors and advertisers. If you would like specific details or to hear more about Ctt’s reader statistics send us an email and we can give you all you need.

We are currently seeking hosting sponsorship and advertising both on and off the central blog.

If you are interested please send us an email here or use the contact section.

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