Here is the description pulled from Print Liberation’s website, “Founded in 1999, Print Liberation is a full-service Philadelphia-based creative visual agency and the collective endeavor of three artists who share a passion for print, design, and culture. Working at the intersection of art, design and commerce, Print Liberation offers a unique vision, non-traditional concepts and years of creative experience to meet your visual needs. With the nimbleness and personal attention of a small company and the skills and capacity to take your print and design project full scope, Print Liberation can help you convey your brand and mission, directly and timelessly, to your target audience.

Print Liberation claims that they have done a little bit of everything. They have designed for clients large and small. Managed photo shoots for magazines, started their own clothing company, founded an art gallery and authored a book on screenprinting, and finally and most importantly quit their day jobs at large advertising agencies.

Thankfully they use their art to express their views as well. There is something to be said for that. If you are looking for a way to show your support for Obama. Look no further because they’ve got you covered (quite literally, with Obama’s smiling face).

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