Remed is originally from France but has traveled as a street artist and spent a little time on the ugly but urban art acclaimed streets of São Paulo. He has a touch of Picasso in him and is versed in several styles and mediums. You can peep his inspiring exploits in his Flickr-folio.

A little from the artist in his words:
:I discovered the art of painting in an atelier of my city, Lille, in 1995. I have worked at home for a wide, exploring various techniques on any kind of supports. After this i wanted to cross over the limit imposed by the frame. So, I ve started to interact on my environment pasting stickers, then painting my ideas, messages or “witnesses” over Lille..s walls, with the consciousness of the context my “traces” will evoluate in. On the other side of this work, i ve kept on working on canvas, always mixing text and visual, i interpret or create icons that take sens beside letters and words. That’s how i compose the canvas, as long as the ideas are being drawn, they have in them, the seed of the ones that will follow. I make rimes with colors, shapes and sounds in order to express a feeling, or the evolution of a thought…always tending to evasion, infinity, or rebirth.”

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